How This Dynamic Duo Heats Up Ibiza’s Pool Parties

The sun and the grooves with Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago.

This dynamic duo, Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago, have become the ultimate dance music sensation. Jetset Times has the inside scoop from the internet sensation and Ibiza DJ on their upcoming tour Ibiza Rocks and their travel essentials this summer!

What’s your favorite vacation destination in the world?

Ben: Ibiza. You can go to paradise and back, but still NOTHING beats touching down in Ibiza.

Laura: I would agree with Ben and say Ibiza, but as we now live there it doesn’t feel so much like a vacation destination anymore. The one place I feel I would love to spend more time is New York. I’ve only been there twice before and I’m hungry for more, I love it!

ibiza rocks
Photos: Laura & Ben

What’s the one thing that’s ALWAYS in your suitcase?

Ben: Badass earplugs. What screaming kids on the plane?

Laura: My woolly wrap! I’m like a grandma all wrapped up, but I always have the last laugh when it gets cold 😉

What’s one thing you miss most when you’re away from home?

Ben: My sofa!

Laura: Sitting on our roof terrace, in my onesie, looking out to sea with a cuppa – bliss!

What’s your favorite city to play a show in?

Ben: Ooh, that’s a tough one. I’m going to say Dublin.

Laura: Yes, that is a tough one. I love pretty much every where we play for different reasons. Dublin is amazing, but I also have amazing memories of Warsaw in Poland. I’m also loving the UK at the moment, Manchester, Liverpool, London – sorry I can’t choose!

ibiza rocks
Photos: Laura & Ben

Since you live in Ibiza, what’s one thing you think everyone must do while visiting? 

Ben: Get off the beaten track and check out the nature of the island. Ibiza is so much more than a party destination.

Laura: Completely agree with Ben on this. Ibiza continues to take my breath away, it really is a beautiful island.

What do you have in store for your Ibiza Rocks performances this summer?

Ben: Our best performances yet. We’ve been working hard all winter in preparation, and we’ve got something very special in store…

Laura: Well now that would be telling wouldn’t it?!

Elena Saavedra


Elena is also the face behind Instagram @travel_without_a_passport who vows to try one new food a week. She's traveled the world from swimming with sharks to grabbing a cool cocktail in hidden bar in Barcelona.

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