Nightlife: Top 5 Places Where People Party In St. Barts

It starts with free shots of rum at the end of your meal.

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Partying in St. Barts might not be what you expected, which probably comprises of beautiful but snooty people, spending long days drunk under the sun, and magnum bottles of champagne. Sure, that might be Nikki Beach, but in reality, St. Barts’ nightlife scene is actually way more chill than you can ever imagine.

Since the island isn’t ginormous, where you can party isn’t as varied as its glamorous reputation. Although there’s always that ostentatious crowd looking to be seen, just remember that St. Barts isn’t St. Tropez. You’ll see people sipping on drinks at unpretentious local bars, and one of the IT night clubs in town looks like it could be a co-working space during the day. Not joking.

I think the best way to drink in style in St. Barts is renting a catamaran with a group of friends (expensive), or sipping on shots of rum at the end of a great meal (free). If you’re looking for something more dazzling, however, here’s a list of where people go for an extra za za zu.

Le Ti – for a lil bit of moulin rouge

Vibe: Posh, fashionable. 

Le Ti St Barth
Facebook/Le Ti St Barth

Offering a mixture of supper club and Moulin Rouge, Le Ti is Paris and Marrakech coming together with burlesque dancers and table service. There’s also dinner at Le Ti featuring international dishes, but the soirees kick up a notch pretty much every night in a Creole cottage up in the hills.

Nikki Beachfor sunday shakes

Vibe: Hardcore, boozy.

Facebook/Nikki Beach Saint Bart

Your St. Barts wouldn’t be St. Barts without a day at some beach club. On Sundays, everyone’s at Nikki Beach on Baie de St. Jean. This world-renowned club is where things go down. Make sure to reserve a table due to its popularity. For the best hair of the dog from day to night, you’ve gotta be Nikki’ed.

Bagatellea cool but sizzling mode

Vibe: Chill but cray.

Bagatelle St Barth
Facebook/Bagatelle St Barth

One category of places to have a good time in St. Barts is at chic restaurants transformed into late-night cocktail bars. One resto doing it far too well is Bagatelle, which might’ve came from NYC, but the scene sure sizzles in St. Barts under the same franchise. Dinner includes slow-cooked lamb leg and linguine with clams. But the resident DJs and tasty cocktails are what draw the cosmo crowd. Grab your glass of rosé sangria or a super mojito, then dance all night without ever changing venues.

Bonito – resto/cocktail bar scene

Vibe: Refined, laidback.

Facebook Bonito St Barth
Facebook/Bonito St Barth

Bonito is, by far, the most delectable meal you’ll have in St. Barts. Not to mention, it’s also one of the island’s hottest IT places to be, often welcoming celebrities like Pippa Middleton. There’s a DJ spinning every night, which turns Bonito from a cool restaurant to a really posh cocktail bar. Especially when things calm down on Sunday nights in St. Barts, getting one last drink here is almost a requirement!

CasaClubthe one club every city has

Vibe: Fun when tipsy, not so much when sober.

Facebook/Sky Club St Barth

So in every city, there’s always that ONE club where things get a little grimy, and you accidentally order a Long Island Iced Tea for no reason whatsoever. In St. Barts, that club would be Casa. It’s right in Gustavia, tucked inside a small alley. It might not look like much when you walk in since the space is literally one room. But it’s where everyone goes for that clubbing experience. Don’t expect much, just have a good time while spending a lot of money getting plastered.

PS. It might be called Casa now, but the space often changes its name. The location doesn’t alter though, it’s always on Rue des dinzey 2, Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy.

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