DRINK: Top 5 Coolest & Hippest Bars In Copenhagen

Mingle with cool crowds while sipping on tastes of Copenhagen you won’t soon forget.

Finding a cool bar in Copenhagen is an easy task, it seems as though every corner has a secret spot waiting for you to discover. Once entering these modest doors, there’s no shortage of fantastic drinks, spanning from quality cocktails, gorgeous wines to a cold glass of local Carlsberg. In this top 5 list, we’ve incorporated an assortment of something for every type of bar-goer. We promise you’ll leave each establishment with a new experience, mingling with cool crowds while sipping on tastes of Copenhagen that you won’t soon forget. Or, let’s hope!

Ruby – Best Speakeasy

Nybrogade 10, 1203 København K, Denmark (map, website)

Even if it’s been around for a decade, Ruby is still THE place to go for the hip, trendy and global crowds. Owning the space of craft cocktails in Copenhagen, Ruby’s bar is retro but totally cool with lush sofas, dimmed lights and gorgeous bartenders as eye candies. The location is ideal, right near the National Museum and Tivoli.

Facebook/Ruby Cocktail Bar

Noho – Best Meatpacking District Hotspot

Flæsketorvet 28, 1711 København V, Denmark (map, website)

During one of your days or nights in Copenhagen, you’ll surely be spending it in the ultra-popular Meatpacking District where new restaurants and bars have gentrified the area. Noho is a must-drink, not only because the bar is seriously awesome, but during the day, it runs as a co-working space holding various events. Its mission statement hails, “We aim to provide an amazing work/life experience in unpretentious and laid back surroundings, where our passion for service, quality and details shines through.” Those afterwork cocktails though, are deliciously killer! The crowd is business-casual, international and local but everyone is beautifully friendly.


Den Vandrette – Best Wine Bar

Havnegade 53A, 1058 København K, Denmark (map, website)

As any wine lover would know, natural wines are the new kids on the block. Biodynamic wines has grown into a hugely profitable and ecological market, which makes Den Vandrette a great place to be for those who are knowledgable and keen on tasting the best of natural wines. As Copenhagen’s leader in importing biodynamic wines, Den Vandrette not only has an amazing selection to choose from, it’s also a quiet and sophisticated wine bar where you can order a tasty cheese platter to go along with other fantastic meal options.

Facebook/Den Vandrette

Andy’s Bar – Best Local Classic

Gothersgade 33B, 1123 København, Denmark (map, website)

For true night owls, Andy’s Bar is a gem since it opens until 6 a.m. Back in the day, Andy’s was a local restaurant that welcomed American soldiers after World War II. Now, the area of Gothersgade is trendy with tourists and locals on shopping trips on the main strip. Although the setting isn’t upscale chic, it leans toward a pub with a jukebox; it’s a beloved hotspot for a diverse crowd, mixing students and models all in one local classic.


Eiffel Bar – Best Bar In Christiania

Wildersgade 58, 1408 København K, Denmark (map, website)

A trip to Copenhagen wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Christiania, the famous anarchist self-governing area in the city. If you want to hang out here for a house beer, then check out Eiffel Bar. Scrappy but absolutely authentic, the bar has been around since 1737 when sailors used to drink ’til the wee hours in Christiania. Currently, Eiffel Bar hosts a mixture of cool peeps, from students to entrepreneurs who are also curious to check out window exhibitions by Danish illustrationist Julie Kyhl.

Eiffel Bar

Where’s your favorite bar in Copenhagen? Share with us in the comments.

Wendy Hung


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