NYC Local Look: Union Square Greenmarket

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NYC Union Square Greenmarket
Nic Hyl

New Yorkers LOVE fresh food and markets. There are always tons of markets and street fairs happening year round. If you’re planning a trip to New York, you can do a quick Google search to find out when a street fair or market is happening during your visit, you have a great chance of being able to find one, regardless of the time of year.

So what makes a New York City markets or street fairs better than any place else? Well, it’s the quality of our local artisans, food vendors and designers; they are some of the best in the world. One of my favorite markets is the Union Square Greenmarket. This market is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday is the popular day; good to know if you’d like to avoid a crowd.

The Greenmarket has fresh fruits, vegetables, candles, fruit preserves, cheese, breads and knick knacks from local area farms and artisans that sell in this unique craft fair like set up. The quality of the fruits and veggies that are sold here is so amazing, that local chefs and restaurants like Cookshop, Il Buco, Gotham Bar and Grill and literally a ton more, get their produce from The Greenmarket. One of my favs is Cato Corner Farms. Ask for Randy if you stop by.

NYC Union Square Greenmarket
Nic Hyl

You can even book an educational tour with The Greenmarket if you’re coming with a larger group. To learn more about it, just check out You can also see a list of restaurants using the farm fresh ingredients on this site too.

During the holidays, they even add more stalls of vendors to their bevy of offerings. Do stop by this great city market for a Local Look of a fresh New York City.


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