How Changing Beauty Standards Affect The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

It would be wrong to solely blame the media for shifting beauty standards. However, there’s no denying that it has considerable influence on our thought patterns.

beauty standards
Beauty standards. UNSPLASH Sharon McCutcheon

Growing up, you internalize the images that you were exposed to on TV screens, billboards, and movies. It creates an idea in your mind about what’s beautiful and what’s not. Fortunately, female beauty ideals are becoming more inclusive. The changing trends have led to an increase in the demand for cosmetic surgery. Hairline transplant for receding hairline, Brazilian Butt Lift, cat eye surgery, bichectomy (cheek surgery), lip fillers, and Botox are just the tip of the iceberg.

Celebrities and social media have a lot to do with our perception of beauty. Sometimes people end up believing that once they achieve their ideal beauty standard, they’ll be happy forever. That’s certainly not true. It might just be that you are unsatisfied with a certain part of yourself, and it has been hampering you from doing things in life. You aren’t able to live your life fully because of that. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make certain changes in your life that can end up making you feel happier with yourself.

Many people try to find good, qualified cosmetic surgeons and hair transplant specialists who can help them achieve their dream body. It’s definitely no easy feat. Whoever you choose to go with will change the way you look. So, making the final decision can be very difficult as you, rightfully so, want nothing short of the best. There are a few things that you can do in your quest of finding the right surgeon. The internet is your biggest helper in this regard. You can read reviews, check out before and after pictures of patients, get quotes for treatment packages, and compare prices.

Rise in Medical Tourism

One way that the cosmetic surgery industry has been impacted by the changing beauty standards is the rise in medical tourism. People have started travelling to other countries to get cheaper treatments. Countries like Turkey, Czech Republic, Dominic Republic, and Poland have gotten quite popular because of it. So many medical tourists have benefitted from the excellent and talented plastic surgeons and hair transplant specialists in these countries.

The biggest reason why so many prefer having a procedure in another country rather than their own is the affordable price. Usually, cosmetic surgeries come with eye-watering price-tags. This makes it quite difficult for many people to find access to these procedures. Due to the high exchange rate in these countries and greater affordability in general, you can get the treatment that you desire at much cheaper prices.

The best part is that if you do good research and find yourself the right clinic, you have nothing to worry about. The lower cost here does not mean poor quality. You can even get a combination of surgeries in just one trip.

Which Cosmetic Procedures Are Gaining Popularity?

Nowadays, both men and women are getting cosmetic surgeries. It is generally thought that lip fillers are only popular among women. But that’s not the case anymore. Men are also getting lip fillers to achieve a certain look. Many are undergoing liposuction to get rid of excess fat.

Hair transplant surgery is thought to be something that men refer to in greater numbers than women. Males do make substantial patient shares. That’s because many suffer from androgenetic alopecia which can lead to balding at the crown region and receding of the hairline. Among women, diffuse hair loss can result from pattern baldness which proceeds in an unpredictable pattern. Regardless, both men and women can have hair transplant surgery to deal with hair loss in a permanent manner.

Hairline transplant for receding hairline surgery is very popular among Afro women as certain hairstyles can cause traction alopecia. The braiding of hair can put a strain on the head and lead to breakage. Baldness at the front edges and on the temples can occur. So, they seek hair transplant to fix this. This way, surgeons gain greater experience with patients who lose their hairline. They work on different hairline designs for diverse hair types. They also don’t have to shave all of the hair for this procedure, so it’s also called unshaven hair transplant.

Fillers are also getting very popular. The business in this industry is booming. It’s not just for women, men are seeking to have “masculinization” with fillers. For this, the practitioner can inject fillers into the jawline, chin, and cheekbones according to the desires of the patient. Women also have fillers to correct their noses, jawlines, eyebrows, etc.

Changing beauty standards have made certain cosmetic surgeries and receding hairline correction surgery more popular among people. The good news is that now common people can seek these treatments without breaking the bank. Sometimes certain illnesses and injuries also leave lasting scars, which can be a constant reminder of the pain that you went through. Cosmetic surgeries, therefore, also provide a positive solution in that regard.

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