Would You Travel For An Exclusive “Face Lift Dentistry”?

Face Lift Dentistry provides a carefully tailored, fast, and safe procedure that will improve your entire facial profile as well as your smile.

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Imagine if you could travel across the world and return home with a younger-looking face, without having any surgery? For elites who can afford it, it’s an actual reality. You can travel out to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry clinic in Santa Monica, California, for an innovative non-invasive jaw realignment to optimize your whole face.

Anti-aging dentistry is the future

A misaligned jaw can prematurely age the appearance. An uneven bite (how the upper and lower jaws meet) affects the overall shape and symmetry of the face, for example, an unattractive prominent jaw, a protruding upper lip, or a rounded face.

One of a kind non-surgical beauty treatment

Face Lift Dentistry provides a carefully tailored, fast, and safe procedure that will improve your entire facial profile as well as your smile. Jaw correction moves the jaw into an optimal natural position, dramatically improving any facial imbalances, creating a beautiful natural-looking smile and a more youthful appearance. The best part is that you can see what it will look like before treatment even begins.

JawTrac® Jaw Alignment and VENLAY® Bite Optimization Restoration

Jaw correction and bite optimization are superior options to traditional cosmetic dentistry on individual teeth as they improve dental and overall health as well as creating a youthful appearance. These patented methods mean full mouth reconstruction surgery can be avoided.

Face Lift Dentistry
PHOTO Face Lift Dentistry

Health benefits as well as improved facial aesthetics

Re-aligning the jaw has many unexpected health benefits such as higher energy, fewer headaches, reduced muscle tension, improved sleep quality, even enhanced speech, and ability to chew food. A misaligned jaw can cause a lot of pain and associated ill effects.

Quick and convenient

Compared with typical cosmetic dentistry treatment options such as jaw surgery, orthodontic braces, or dental implants, results are rapidly seen with facelift dentistry (weeks instead of months or years). Other benefits include no drilling or knives, no damage to your natural teeth, hardly any downtime or recovery period needed, and minimal risk of complications. You can see why elites travel here from all over the world to receive this exclusive treatment!

Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS

Dr. Sam Muslin has more than 40 years of experience in the dental industry. He was motivated to create a novel and holistic, pain-free, a non-invasive dental procedure that would combine improved facial aesthetics with health benefits after seeing the damage traditional cosmetic dentistry can do.

Face Lift Dentistry
PHOTO Face Lift Dentistry

A luxurious treatment facility focused on patient safety and comfort.

At Dr. Sam Muslin’s high-end clinic, every detail has been carefully thought out with the patients’ safety and comfort at the forefront of every decision. Individual private treatment rooms minimize the spread of any airborne pathogens, and each room has a double-filtration electronic purifying air system to remove any contaminants. The walls are lined with lead to minimize exposure to x-rays, and the plumbing system ensures that only high quality distilled and purified water is used. The very latest sterilized dental equipment is used along with high-tech magnified camera systems, ensuring speed, accuracy, and minimal cross-contamination. Another nice touch is the positioning of flat-screen TVs on the ceiling (the theory being that entertainment reduces any nerves).

Highly qualified staff

Dr. Sam Muslin has assembled the very best staff to provide patients with this life-changing procedure. The team is highly experienced in this pioneering combination of dental and cosmetic excellence. It will give you an in-depth consultation, tailored plan, and an exceptional level of dental health care.

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