7 Habits Of Highly Stylish Travelers

Here are seven tips that will help you nail down your stylish travel looks.

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We all love traveling and many of us can’t wait to go on our next trip or vacation, myself included! Whether you’ll be gone for a weekend or few weeks you want to look stylish the whole time you’re there. Packing for a trip can be stressful as it is, without the added stress of planning out an outfit for everyday. But trust me, looking like a celebrity on your next travel excursion will take you less time and stress than getting through security at the airport.

1. Start by creating a color palette.

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Creating a travel wardrobe is like planning a wedding, you can’t really start without first choosing your color scheme. It’s best to grab inspiration for your colors from your destination. Are you heading to Greece for vacation? Pack clothes in rich blues and crisp whites. Going on a Moroccan adventure? Try jewel toned colors like deep purples, blues and greens with gold accents. The best color palettes for your style will have a mix of about 20% bold colors and 80% neutrals like black, white, grey and brown. As fun as bright, bold colors are, you’ll get more flexibility with neutrals. They’re the blank canvas of your travel style.

2. Layers, layers, layers.

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The key to having both impeccable and comfy travel style is to layer. You can get multiple outfits with separates and save some space in your luggage too. Pack sweaters, button downs, vests, and jackets in basic colors so that you can mix and match. You’ll be surprised how you can have 3 weeks worth of outfits with just 12 pieces!

3. Accessorize.

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Accessories are very important in creating your travel style, since they can elevate your look from basic to chic. Adding a cute hat or a printed scarf gives you instant style without you having to spend hours figuring out your outfit. If you have a little bit more time on your hands, think about adding some great jewelry to your look. Statement necklaces and stacked bracelets can add a pop of color or sparkle to any outfit. The best part about accessories is that they are small, so you can pack a few more if you want. Don’t forget those sunnies!

4. Pack the right shoes.

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As much as we want to look like celebrities arriving at the airport, wearing stilettos on your trip just isn’t practical. But no worries, there are still tons of shoe options that are both comfortable and stylish. Ballet flats are simple, cute, and go with everything so you should definitely pack a pair in your bag. Athletic sneakers (like Nike and New Balance) allow you to walk all over the city sightseeing while still giving you a cool, relaxed look. And booties are perfect if you want to look a little more chic and dressed up. The most important thing is to make sure you considered your travel activities when packing your shoes. Booties are cute, but they definitely don’t work for exploring the jungle in Costa Rica.

5. Cute and easy hairstyles.

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Spending hours on a plane or out all day sightseeing can really take a toll on your hair. And no one wants to have a frizzy mess by the end of the day. Find hairstyles that keep your hair off your face and that will last all day. High ponytails and side braids are great and easy to do in less than 5 minutes. If you want something a little different try a chignon bun or a weave ponytail.

6. An awesome travel bag.

Since you’ll need something to put all your stuff in, why not make it a stylish part of your travel wardrobe? If you don’t already have one, my advice would be to find a bag that can be your carry all. Totes are usually the best because there is room to fit your passport, plane ticket, books, magazines, iPad, makeup bag, and anything else you’ll need for your flight. You can choose a bag in a classic color like black or brown, or you can show your personality with a bright color or bold print. Once the flight is over, just switch out that passport for a city map and your ready to go.

7. Don’t pack too much.

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The best way to stay stylish on your next travel adventure is not to pack your suitcase to brim. You don’t need to have a different outfit everyday, even Kate Middleton recycles her clothes. If you’re a stylish traveler, there is pretty much a guarantee that you’ll be doing more shopping on your trip. Be sure to leave room in your suitcase for all your glamorous finds.

Dawn Fleming

Dawn's travel style is relaxed with a special love for museums and cafés. A major history buff, Dawn is drawn to ancient cities full of secrets to uncover. She can't travel without a trench coat, it's stylish and keeps you warm.

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