Road To 50 Part 28: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is full of history, metropolises, and majestic mountains, all have become entrenched in the state’s various attractions.

The Appalachian Mountains
FACEBOOK The Appalachian Mountains

A state rooted with significant history, Pennsylvania is one of the oldest in the country. The second official state named, today’s Pennsylvania is full of historical attractions, influential cities such as: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Hershey Park, and natural vistas, including: the Lake Erie shoreline, Pocono Mountains, and Appalachian Mountains situated in the middle of two cities on the opposite edges of the state.

I have traversed the Pennsylvania in its entirety from its western terminus Pittsburgh to its eastern city of Philly. In fact, I cannot even list how many times I have visited the state, here’s what I loved about Pennsylvania.

Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains
FACEBOOK The Appalachian Mountains 1

The west has the Rockies, while the east highlights the Appalachians stretching from the Northeast all the way down towards Alabama in the southwest direction. The Appalachians are every bit as rugged and sharp, as I have seen pointy, mammoth rocks aiming towards me on the turnpike. They are probably strong enough to crush anything in their path, and the radius of mountains east of Pittsburgh is the most scenic part of the drive eastbound in the state. Mountains covered with thick sheets of forest all over me, as if I am trapped. In fact, the turnpike consists of four tunnels to cross the once seemingly impenetrable mountain range. The best part of the tunnels is the different lights inside each one, I remember seeing blue and orange lights inside, along with trying to solve the mystery of what lied ahead. As a tunnel is about to conclude, trickles of daylight start to appear slowly, and then you are suddenly blinded by day and plunged into another round of mountains.


Philadelphia Museum of Art
FACEBOOK Philadelphia Museum of Art 1

The City of Brotherly Love, or Philly, are just two of the most popular nicknames for this historical, influential metropolis. When you are driving into downtown, the skyline is as radiant as ever, and it’s worth admiring (if you don’t get honked at). I have been to Philadelphia many times due to having a large amount of family there, but I never truly explored the city until this past May. This had been an influence of starting to travel write, as it had awoken a spirit inside of me to explore cities and various points of interest.

From a tourist’s perspective, Penn’s Landing is a modern entertainment district located right on the Delaware River. The state of New Jersey was visible as I walked along the river. There were also splendid amenities: a restaurant, food carts, a marina, and an amusement park. I went during the day and in the afternoon, so it was less crowded, but nighttime presents a vibrant atmosphere. If you want to escape the city, become immersed in the colorful, loud atmosphere of this district.

From a historical viewpoint, Philadelphia is dominant in its attractions. In the heart of the city lies the iconic Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both landmarks are a testament to the America’s rich history. The Liberty Bell weighs a ton, and symbolizes freedom. The icon has a large crack in the middle, and is off limits to hands because of its significance.

Independence Hall is a large, red-brick building where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were created and enforced. Such important moments in U.S. history have risen from this building, and going inside was off limits when I visited. Both remain largely intact in the forms they were made, and it’s of great appreciation and preservation to admire such monumental parts of America’s past. Both landmarks now have a modern-day visitor center to receive information and attain a history lesson.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
FACEBOOK Philadelphia Museum of Art

Moving on to contemporary architecture, the Philly Art Museum is a work of art itself, speaking on behalf of its exterior design. A good foreshadowing to the elegance and glamour of the art museum was the shiny sculpture of Rocky Balboa next to it. Staring at the museum itself was breathtaking, at the top of elongated stairs, it stood in a royal way, reminding me of the Parthenon. After climbing the wide, exhausting number of stairs, the top had a square to walk around. There was a water fountain putting the final touch on this constructed magnificence and I felt like an ant compared to this giant attraction. Simply phenomenal, I was left speechless. Looking behind me, the Philly skyline was gleaming in the late afternoon sun. This was the most panoramic part of Philly, and I only wish I could have brought a cheesesteak up here to chow down and admire all that this city offered.

Rishi Patel


Rishi Patel's passion for writing is almost as great as his passion for traveling. Traveling remains the utmost favorite hobby and pastime for Rishi, which has led him to visit 47 of the 50 U.S. States and he cannot contain his excitement as he tries to reach the milestone of visiting all 50.

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