Road To 50 Part 5: Alabama

Alabama provides a splash of Southern Delight, especially on its sandy beaches.

Gulf shores. Photo: Rishi Patel

So far in my column, I have written about Western states. In Part 5, I will switch over to the southern state Alabama. Though I didn’t get to venture throughout the entire state, I did visit the wonderful town of Mobile and the Gulf of Mexico beach towns Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Here’s what I liked about Alabama:

The Gulf Shores Beaches

Orange beach wharf. Photo: Rishi Patel

A heavily used beach may begin to show wear and tear, AKA disheveled sand and maybe some rocks and twigs scattered on it. That was not the case on Alabama’s shoreline, with the sand looking artificial, but pure. The layout was so perfect that looking in the distance felt like watching one of those vacation ads for the Caribbean where the sand was perfect and the water was a sparkly blue. Except in this case, it was reality. There were artificial palm trees and surf shops on the streets of Gulf Shores, and closer to the beach was more palm trees and the previously mentioned wonderful sand. There was also a sidewalk to walk along the beach area and enjoy the summer breeze on a hot, humid day. Walking around made it felt like a tropical island vibe. Props to Alabama for making its small coastline such a great destination. Hopefully it doesn’t stay a hidden gem for long.


Orange beach wharf. Photo: Rishi Patel

The town of Mobile is Southern Alabama’s largest, and it is a great gateway town to the Gulf of Mexico. The place is booming, with great restaurants, packed hotels, and shopping outlets. Having palm trees at the front of hotels, around the mall, and in general was a not bad sight either. Though towns near the beach and their attractions may be overlooked or skipped, I tend to visit these towns to get a feel for their culture.

I was impressed in my stay in Alabama, as there are wonderful activities to do by the coastline. In addition to the beach, there are some state parks near the coast, and a wonderful complex in Orange Beach called the Wharf, inclusive of a Ferris wheel, amphitheater, and many shops. Keep up the Southern hospitality, Alabama.

Rishi Patel


Rishi Patel's passion for writing is almost as great as his passion for traveling. Traveling remains the utmost favorite hobby and pastime for Rishi, which has led him to visit 47 of the 50 U.S. States and he cannot contain his excitement as he tries to reach the milestone of visiting all 50.

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