Road To 50 Part 45: Indiana

The Hoosier State contains the perfect mix of growing cities and agricultural influence.

Referred to as the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana’s agricultural landscape is reminiscent of the country’s heartland. Most of the state is full of green fields, but it’s not necessarily all that. The Hoosier State is home to major metropolitan center Indianapolis, along with rising cities, including: Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Terre Haute, South Bend, and Evansville. I have crossed through Indiana numerous times, making stops in the metro area of Indy as well as many of the other cities mentioned above.

Indianapolis. UNSPLASH Chad Meeks

Open Country

Parts of Indiana are endless, wide-open country; and I have driven through lush green fields on all four sides that stretched into the distance. I have felt like an ant in this vast land which embodies very small hints of civilization, and it made me realize how big the U.S. is, with large portions of some states completely uninhabited.

There was a plethora of wind turbines in the open fields of Northern Indiana. Sometimes, they were spread into the distance as far as the eye could see. Essentially, they seemed like gargantuan, life-size fans blowing heavy gusts onto the windshield. Yet, the spin of the turbines moved at a lethargic rate, unrealistically possible to blow onto my car. I guess it was just my imagination getting the best of me. My most numbing thought was about how long it must have took to construct such gigantic turbines across large amount of land.


Fair Oaks Farms

This farm is a tourist attraction in the Northwest Indiana town of, you guessed it, Fair Oaks. I stopped by twice in recent months after a recommendation. It’s a little paradise in the middle of open-country, and has a restaurant, café, souvenirs, an apple orchard, and the chance to delve into a virtual reality in its Dairy Adventure attraction.

FOF inhabits a small area, but packed with something for people of all ages. The café, or Cowfé, as it is called here, serves milkshakes, ice cream, grilled cheese, quesadillas, and more. All the food and ice cream served is fresh and ingredients are nurtured in the farm.

fair oaks farms
INSTAGRAM @fairoaksfarms

I also tried the cheese which was divine, a tad creamy and completely wholesome upon the first nibble. A milkshake was my single favorite item on the menu, as I took that first sip, I could taste the cool, farm-grown milk. There was no hint of artificial flavoring, simply pure, milky cookies and cream ice cream melted into a thirst-quenching drink. There was no doubt I could feel the purity of the ingredients upon indulging in it.

Rishi Patel


Rishi Patel's passion for writing is almost as great as his passion for traveling. Traveling remains the utmost favorite hobby and pastime for Rishi, which has led him to visit 47 of the 50 U.S. States and he cannot contain his excitement as he tries to reach the milestone of visiting all 50.

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