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It is not that hard to plan a successful Eurotrip, what with there being plenty of culturally important places, historical sites, entertainment centers, monuments, and plenty of other choices!

across europe Castelmezzano
Castelmezzano. PHOTO PIXABAY

However, travelers tend to overlook many of the less-known locations, and, really, they miss out on a lot. We are here to help you plan your very best trip, full of unexpected sites and unusual experiences! So, check out our list of the top non-touristy places in Europe, or, as we like to call it – Europe’s hidden gems! 

Castelmezzano, Italy

This lovely town in the region of Basilicata is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in Italy. With the help of Italy trains, the village is easily accessible, though not many people stumble upon it. That being said, perhaps the lack of tourists is precisely the reason Castelmezzano is so pretty! 

The town is shrouded in history, as it was established in the 5th century when Greek settlers got into the valley of Basento. The village overcame occupations and many different cultures settling behind its walls. However, there is none of the grim evidence that those happened, as the village remains one of the most picturesque towns in Italy. 

There are plenty of things to do, most of it being tours of the many churches, palaces, and historical objects. The town is quite mountainous, so you can take up hiking – just remember to pack comfy shoes! 

Palacio de las Duenas, Spain

Travelers might think they have Seville all figured out, but that is not true, at all! One of the best-hidden gems adorning the streets of this beautiful city is the Palacio de las Duenas. 

The palace was built in the 15th century with the most perfect features of Renaissance, Gothic, and Moorish architectural styles. Nowadays, it belongs to the House of Alba, a prominent noble Spanish family. The fortress is a beautiful monument and one of the major historic homes, yet it is not advertised as a touristy site. However, you can tour it! 

Find out more about its origins and Seville’s history and, most importantly, see for yourself how the Spanish genius artistic minds really work. If you are thinking of navigation, keep in mind that Seville is easily reachable! If you are exploring the capital city, just take the Madrid to Seville train and off to explore Spain’s hidden gems! 

across europe Seville

Aljezur, Portugal

The remote town in the Faro District, Aljezur, is a completely hidden and non-touristy gem in Portugal. When you try to picture a Mediterranean town, Aljezur is probably what you would paint perfectly in your head. 

With whitewashed houses and lovely market squares, the town bribes newcomers with its pure Portuguese vibe and vacant corners. You will not see any tourists here, so there are no crowds to deal with. 

The town is dominated by a Moorish Castle and a few stunning beaches, including Arrifana, Monte Clerigo, and Carrapateira, all three of which are serene and quite distant. Aljezur being so alone and protected from the tourist flow is what makes it so easy to enjoy it! This is the perfect place to seek out if you simply want a relaxing holiday. And, if you are worried about accessibility, just take the train from Lisbon to Lagos, and then it is only 30 minutes to Aljezur. 

Cliffs in Aljezur
Cliffs in Aljezur. PHOTO PIXABAY

Perast, Montenegro

This old town in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro is exactly what you would call one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Also, it is an ideal destination for travelers with any kind of budget, which is a great plus! 

Seemingly untouched and unspoiled by urbanization and touristy, Perast does not have over-exaggerated prices, so it comes quite cheap! 

Quaint, small, and picturesque. What more could you want out of a holiday location? Well, probably something to do, right? Do not worry; Perast has some stuff to offer. 

There are 16 churches, one more impressive than the other, which you can tour and visit. Also, take a short ferry ride to an artificial island called Our Lady On the Rocks. According to folk legends, sailors built it out of sticks and stones somewhat over 500 years ago. They also used old ships! To find out the rest, buy a ticket to Perast. 

Perast, Montenegro
Perast, Montenegrov. PHOTO PIXABAY

Brisighella, Italy

Yes, another one for Italy! Just outside of Bologna lies a medieval fairytale town of Brisighella. With dense history and a rich cultural profile, the town is one of the most beautiful, non-touristy places in Italy, yet it is often overlooked. That is certainly because of Bologna nearby, but actually, it is probably for the best! 

The two highlights here are a church, a tower, and a castle – Il Monticino, La Torre, and La Rocca. All of these are worth a visit, so plan a day just for touring. The structures date back to the 14th, 16th, and 18th centuries, so the architecture is something to inspect! 

Besides walking without a purpose and getting lost, the other fun thing you can do here is hiking! Brisighella has some great tracks that are surely well-prepared and very remote! 

Medieval streets across europe
Medieval streets. PHOTO PIXABAY

Mittenwald, Germany

Finishing off strong with Germany, let’s pack up and travel to the colorful Mittenwald. Do you remember tales of the Brothers Grimm? Remember the depictive surroundings and magical quaint places you would imagine? Mittenwald is a real-life Brothers Grimm fairytale city! 

Genuinely looking like pulled out of a children’s book, Mittenwald is a sleepy sweet city in Bavaria, primarily famous for manufacturing violins, violas, and cellos. Naturally, music is a big part of this town, and it only adds to the charm.

With charming historical houses with colorful roofs, the town is a picturesque location offering you the Bavarian cuisine and vibe, just without the flow of tourists! 


Choose any of the cities for a relaxing holiday and fun times! Remember to keep thinking outside of the box, and it will result in your best vacation yet. Have fun exploring! 

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