Top 10 European Destinations For A Magical Christmas Holiday

We are already in the ninth month of this year and two months away from getting a perfect holiday wrapped around celebrations and festivals.

European Destinations
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Christmas being one of the magical times of the year attracts travelers to Europe from all corners of the world. No matter whichever destination you visit it will surely mesmerize with its natural beauty. Exploring European destinations can be a perfect escape for you during Christmas. One should start planning and booking their trip soon to get accommodations available along with monetary benefits. 

Listed down are some best places to celebrate Christmas in the world. So, let magic happen on your vacation. 

1. Milan, Italy

Christmas can be incomplete without visiting Milan with its picture-perfect streets, not less than any Hollywood set. The fashion capital can entertain its visitors in many ways with snow-covered areas and bright lights but moreover, it can be a paradise for folks looking for a shopping destination with luxury brands rolled out in almost every corner of the city through Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie and Sforzesco Castle are enough for gazing in chilly winter’s apart from celebrations and shopping.  

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the most glamorous places to celebrate Christmas in Europe with its basic yet perfect lighting and wild celebrations going all around. The destination is at its peak of winter which won’t allow its visitors to gaze at its major attractions but they can be part of celebrations going in almost every street. Moreover, it can be said that is a much-underrated destination for Christmas with Dutch houses being even prettier, evening parties in almost every cafe, and cuisines such as Dutch cheese, Oliebollen, and appel beignets creating a magic that no one escapes. 

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Being an age-old city this destination creates a completely different vibe as compared to any other destination. The entire city is decorated with Christmas lights which are basic but yet lit up the city at its best. True magic is created by its streets which are carved with red bricks and markets with carpeted roofs turned into complete structures of celebration and festive with its Music-saturated air. But what makes the place unmissable is its clouds of snow combined with the delicious smell of pancakes and hot chocolates giving the traditional vibes of Christmas celebrations. 

4. Manchester, UK

This city was one of the first to host Christmas markets and since then it has never slowed, it still hosts more than 300 shopping stalls every year but what makes the energy of the city even better and higher are their locals. No matter what corner you visit of the destination you may witness every local celebrating Christmas in the rawest and most traditional form with kids hanging socks out, dads bringing the biggest Christmas trees, and moms prepping for cakes, pies, and tarts overall with no more extraordinary celebrations just people with utter smile and glow on their face and welcoming energy. Moreover, it’s a perfect destination for anyone looking for peace in the Christmas celebration.  

5. Paris, France

The city of love cannot be missed as it is preferred to be one of the most happening times of the city with its celebrations going around in every corner. What makes the city of love even more special at Christmas is its wide range of historical attractions such as Champs Elysees, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower being decorated in their rawest form which makes them even more glamorous along with its magical cuisine and desserts such as hot chocolates, pastries and crepes being cooked in almost every cafe.  

6. Nuremberg, Christmas

This destination should be first on your list as it catches a real Christmas vibe the earliest with mule wine and rum. This little town in Germany started catching attention with its Christmas markets which appear to be even more glamorous every year with its fairy lights, and small shops being decorated with candy, pancakes, and hot chocolates. Moreover a perfect place to start your Christmas trip with less crowd and a perfect atmosphere. 

7. Vienna, Austria

This city has unofficially become the synonym of Christmas with its name being celebrated in many books and theaters for Christmas and ultimately it is true because no destination celebrates Christmas like Vienna. The magic of Christmas in this city starts with its cute cafes scattered throughout the entire city which are decorated with adorable lights creating a scene just like a constellation but apart from it evening sky of belvedere and karter stress plays a major role in creating a magical vibe of the city. Moreover, it is a perfect place to satisfy your Christmas fantasy with beautiful evenings. 

8. Brussels, Belgium

This destination offer’s cheerful and engaging Christmas vibe with its stunning Christmas market, Belgium chocolates, and adorable lighting but what creates Christmas magic in the city is its products available in Christmas markets which can be perfect gifts for anyone especially framed by artists from Hungary, France, and other renowned places. Moreover a perfect place for a peaceful Christmas evening with friends and family. Book your Europe Tour Packages now! 

9. London, UK

London can be the best destination for you if you want to celebrate Christmas among the masses as the celebration is carried on with utter intensity at every corner but along with parties and celebrations one can also witness several iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham palace being decorated most adorably with stunning lights. Moreover, a perfect destination to create memories in every lane with your loved ones.  

10. Edinburg, Scotland

Lastly the gem of Germany to celebrate Christmas with its wide array of entertainers for its visitors and locals to celebrate Christmas with the entire city being decorated adorably with stunning lights. The main magic of Christmas is created in this destination when the rich history of the place is combined with modern celebrations and decoration which makes the vibe awe-struck. Moreover, a perfect place to visit with family.  

Every destination in Europe shares a different vibe for Christmas with different styles of celebrations, moreover giving a perfect sense of pleasure to its visitors by creating a wide lane of memories at every destination. 

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