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Camping is becoming more and more popular every year.

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People are increasingly willing to visit unusual, rarely seen places, which is impossible to achieve with a traditional hotel vacation. Some people like a lonely vacation; for them, you need to have a 4-season 1-person tent. It is essential to bring plenty of travel gear, food, and other expedition camping gear.

How do you prepare for a camping holiday?

Before you plan your travel adventure, ensure your itinerary is well prepared. If you’re going to a specific location, it doesn’t matter. Just specify the destination in the navigation, and you can go. Things get a bit more complicated and interesting when we visit several places. Camping offers many options because you can spend days in a different city. So take your time, and see all the exciting places that happen along the way. When camping for the first time, it makes sense to explore new tourist spots. In addition, many beautiful and underrated places are worth visiting at least once. We are talking about national parks, reserves, and many charming towns that offer sights and charming streets worth visiting and drinking aromatic coffee. However, before enjoying the beautiful views and magical scenery, you must go to a significant place. A camping store, because it is, it has everything you need for a holiday. They mean folding beds or mattresses, folding chairs, and tables. The camping store also has small camping fridges where you can store essentials. We are talking about milk, eggs, or butter, which will come in handy when preparing breakfast and dinner. You don’t have to cook on holiday, but the camping store also has portable stoves and gas burners that will allow you to prepare simple meals without much trouble.

Who will enjoy camping the most?

Even though camping has many advantages, this form of travel and recreation is only suitable for some. First, it is connected with the limited conditions of compliance with hygiene. There is no water in the tent, meaning you cannot take a shower or wash there after breakfast. It is necessary to bathe in public showers near the camping stops. Batteries are also available at gas stations. Some people use swimming in rivers and lakes because it is also a kind of alternative. There are portable shower cabins; if you regularly camp and enjoy this outdoor activity, you should consider purchasing this valuable travel item. If you spend half an hour doing your hair in the morning and never leave the house without makeup, camping is probably not for you. The beauty of people is that they are different. While some rest like this, others want food on a tray and a freshly made bed. There’s nothing wrong with that; don’t rush and force yourself to go camping because family or friends want you to. In this case, instead of joy and pleasant entertainment, there will be disappointments and problems that will spoil the rest for you and everyone around you.

What to take with you on a trip? How to properly prepare?

Camping is a great way to spend free time with family or friends outside the city. When planning a trip, it is necessary to consider the variability of weather conditions. So that the weather does not surprise you, it is worth taking the appropriate tourist equipment to allow you to spend your vacation in comfortable conditions. What to take with you camping? For many people, camping is a great way to travel. This gives us complete freedom in choosing a recreation area and lets us stay in touch with nature. Cooking together and visiting local attractions is also a lot of fun. However, we should remember that preparing for such a trip is a colossal logistical expense. We must remember that we need appropriate Equipment for outdoor activities. A tent is often considered a miniature house. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it is functional and convenient.

Thanks to this, we will enjoy our free time. What camping accessories should be included? A tourist stove and refrigerator allow you to store products in optimal conditions and prepare healthy meals from them; a portable shower is handy if we go to a place where camping is not organized; it allows you to stay clean wherever there is limited access to running water. Hang the portable shower on a branch and fill it with clean water. Camping accessories include all kinds of folding chairs and tables, hooks for hanging hammocks, and reusable plastic cutlery and dishes to make them durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It is also worth taking an extra blanket – it can be cold at night. A set of linens and a line for hanging wet clothes – no matter how many clothes we take, we can’t be sure everything will be clean. Therefore, it is worth taking with you at least one washing powder that will allow us to remove stains.

Generator for camping

If we want to create comfortable conditions for spending free time at the campsite, like at home, we must ensure the constant voltage of all electrical devices. So we can drive to an organized camp where, for a fee, we can connect to a power source with an adapter and an extension cord. On the other hand, if we like less organized trips, we should choose a generator that, simply put, produces electricity by burning fuel (gasoline or diesel).

In general, generating sets can be divided into:

three-phase generator – allows you to connect devices with a voltage of 400 V;

single-phase generator – will enable you to power devices with a voltage of 230 V;

A single-phase generator is enough in the tent, and we can connect to it all the necessary Equipment, for example, a refrigerator and a travel stove, a kettle, or a charger for a phone or laptop. When choosing a generator for camping, you should pay attention to the performance of the devices. It can be a powerful generator. Still, it is necessary to remember that the generator’s power must be greater than the power consumed by all devices connected to the generator simultaneously. It is also worth analyzing fuel consumption before buying. We also remember that vehicles with diesel engines require special care in the cold season. For the camping vacation to go well, it is necessary to provide delicious cuisine. We have several options:

Packed lunches and canned goods are the right solutions if your financial capabilities are limited. In this case, we do not have to worry about cooking or storing food. Most of these products can be easily stored in a tent or thermal bag.

Food cooked on the grill – you only need a small grate and firewood. In summer, these materials are sold in almost every store. So we won’t have a problem with that.

Grilling doesn’t require sophisticated cooking skills or Equipment like an electric stove. It is worth picking up old black and white newspapers to help start the fire.

Traditional food adapted to the specifics of the trip – if you want to enjoy home-cooked meals, you need to have appropriate Equipment, the most important of which is a refrigerator for food storage and an electric stove. You can also try to cook traditional dishes on fire, but their preparation will be more difficult.

Using restaurants and bars is convenient if we allocate an appropriate amount of money for it and spend the night in a place with a developed public catering base.

When going on a hike, you need to be ready for everything. Thanks to this, we will have pleasant memories of the moments spent with our loved ones. Therefore, it is worth making a list of the most useful camping items and choosing the Equipment that meets our needs. Thus, we will be able to rest comfortably.

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