5 Easy Ways To Make Your Camping More Eco-Friendly

Camping is an excellent way of getting away from the hassle of urban life for a while. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.

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But if you want to both take your camping experience to the next level and help the planet, you should try to be an eco-friendly camper.

The best thing about camping in an environmentally friendly way is that it is easier than you think! Essentially, all you need to do is make a few conscious choices and consider investing in some clever solutions, such as a solar powered generator and lanterns. Instead of buying new gear, you can rent it or purchase a second-hand tent or hiking gear. It is also a good idea to bring reusable dishes, use biodegradable body products, and buy your supplies from local farmer’s markets rather than big supermarkets. Keep reading to learn how you can do your part and make your next camping trip more eco-friendly!

Use Solar Energy

Camping is great for disconnecting from the outside world and forgetting about things that are troubling you. However, you probably want to bring your phone, tablet, or laptop with you so that you can stay in touch with your friends and family. But what if your gadgets run out of battery? Would it not be terrible to be miles away from civilization with no way to recharge your devices?

Fortunately, you can go solar with most of your tech gear. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a solar generator, such as Bluetti, and charge all your devices by plugging them into the generator’s USB ports. This way, you will not have to worry about your gadgets running out of juice while traveling off-grid.

If you find yourself enjoying using solar energy, you could also get some solar-charged lanterns to use at night. By doing so, you can start taking full advantage of solar power!

Bring Reusable Dishes

All the plastic plates and other disposable items that you think you need for your camping trip are incredibly cheap and easy to get. Unfortunately, most such items are not biodegradable. You will use them once or twice, and then throw them away, adding to the millions of tons of plastic waste that are polluting the environment.

That is why instead of buying disposable dishes, such as plates or cups, you should invest in reusable dishes made from materials such as stainless steel or bamboo. These dishes are more durable than regular dishes, and you can use them again and again without worrying about producing excess waste.

Buy Locally

One of the easiest ways to make your camping trip more eco-friendly is to purchase supplies locally. Instead of buying your gear or other supplies from big chains or online stores, you can look for a local supplier or buy used gear instead.

Also, if you plan on cooking while you are away, buy organic food from local farmer’s markets and organic farms. Buying locally helps you avoid shipping costs and harmful greenhouse gas emissions, which are produced when your goods are transported over long distances by plane or boat.

Aside from that, buy only seasonal fruits and vegetables that do not require water and pesticides in industrial quantities in order to grow. These include, for instance, apples, pears, or oranges. Avocados, bananas, or mangoes are much more difficult to grow and, as a result, make for a less environmentally-conscious choice.

Use Reusable Bags

You should never leave your house without reusable bags, especially when going on a camping trip. Each year, millions of plastic bags are used only once and then discarded in landfills. Rather than contributing to this environmental problem, you should bring some reusable bags with you.

You can use them for many purposes. For instance, you can keep your dirty clothes in one cloth bag, use another to store some of your food, and yet another to make your gear easier to carry. Not only will this help you reduce plastic bag pollution, but it will also help you keep your items organized.

Bring Biodegradable Body Products

Most people use body products made with ingredients and substances that are not that friendly to the environment. If you want to make a change for the better and be a conscious camper, bring biodegradable body products with you and make your beauty routine more eco-friendly.

If you do not know where to start, you can try Castille soap – a vegetable-based, non-toxic soap that is made without animal fats and synthetic ingredients. And instead of bringing toothpaste in a plastic tube, you can try out plastic-free toothpaste tablets that come in a reusable glass jar.

One of the best ways to be a more eco-friendly camper is to make conscious choices and consider investing in some clever solutions, such as solar generators and solar-charged lanterns. On top of that, instead of buying new gear, you can choose a more sustainable option and rent it or purchase a second-hand tent or hiking gear. You can also buy food locally to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as use biodegradable products. It might take some effort, but it is definitely worth the hassle!

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