All You Need To Know About Pocket Knives For Camping Trips

Over the years, if you have come across popularly used knives, then it is probable that you have surely heard of the Swiss army knife and camping knife sets. Overtime and with technology, camping gear has evolved beyond imagination. 

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However, despite all the changes, the pocket knife from UK stores sees highest sales among campers and outdoor adventurers. After all, a pocket knife packs in a punch of features you might not imagine to be present on such a tiny thing.

Multipurpose Usage

A pocketknife is multi pronged in terms of use. From hunting to self defence it helps to perform so many things that it might just miss your mind.

The common misconception associated with these pocket knives is that these are not heavy duty. The truth is that, such knives are as heavy duty as you want them to be. They help in setting up tent, installing camp supports, slice up meat as well as cut fishing lines. What more would you expect out of such a small wonder?

Self Defense

Yes, this is a valid pointer too. While it is not advised that having a pocket knife gets you to think you can fight out anyone, the truth is, this gives you peace of mind that you can see yourself through minor dangers when and if they arise.

Choice Making Counts

Now that you are aware of how much a pocket knife can help ypu, you must be able to make the right choice while purchasing the same.

Choose among the blade types first. You have pocket knives with single blades even double blades or even multiple blades. The one with single blade is well known for being compact and efficient blade. The safety quotient is also high for single blade picket knives. Also, there is no risk of automatic snapping back into place once you open the blade. The multi-blade knife, most popular of which is the Swiss Army knife is a global favourite. It is slightly pricier but it does serve a lot many purposes despite being a  single device with so many blades.

Blade Design Concerns

A pocket knife comes with varied blade styles over and above the fixed blade. Since it is made for carrying around in pockets, you can pick between the plain edge knife and the serrated edge knife.

The latter again comes in a partially serrated avatar and a completely serrated one. The plain edge blade helps in smooth cutting and helps with soft tasks such as peeling off fruits. However, these do not work on ropes and wood.  The serrated blades help in smooth cutting across myriad surfaces as well as ropes. It is easy to sharpen too, unlike the partially serrated blade that is versatile bit tough to sharpen.

Sharpening The Knife Right

Do make sure that you invest in a pocket knife sharpener since over time, the knives tend to lose out the sharpness. With rigorous activity, sharpening become vital to restore the blade’s power in place. While there are quality sharpeners available today, you can also use a sharpening stone for sharpening pocket knives.

Do this only when you have experience doing so. Otherwise, it could prove to be a cumbersome method. Remember that this mode of sharpening works on with plain edge pocket knives, and not the serrated category.

Now that you are sure of how and when the pocket knife you bought  can help, go ahead and maintain the same. Store it carefully and ensure that it stays sharpened for use.

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