Cycling Tips To Stay Cool While Traveling During Summers

Are you planning to take full advantage of the beautiful summer weather? Bike rides are better in summer compared to the winter season. This is because you enjoy your rides without the lack of visibility and slippery roads caused by the snow.  

Cycling Tips to Stay Cool While Traveling During Summers

However, cycling in the summer comes with its fair share of challenges, including constant sweating, heatstroke, and sunburns, among other issues. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to keep yourself cool during the summer. Here are a few tips to ensure that your summer rides are enjoyable and safe at the same time. 


Hydration is the most crucial factor when planning a bike ride in the hot summer weather. You need to ensure that you hydrate adequately before going on your bike ride and keep on hydrating throughout. This means you’ll need to carry extra water bottles to help you stay hydrated. 

As you cycle, you’ll lose a lot of water by sweating, and you’ll need to keep hydrating to ensure that you replenish your body. The best practice is to take small regular sips of water throughout your ride to keep you cool. 

Avoid waiting until you are thirsty to take large gulps of water. This strategy will leave you without enough water and is not a sustainable solution. Also, remember that your water will adapt to the hot temperatures during your ride, so you need to factor this in.

Freeze a few water bottles halfway and three-quarter-way before filling them with water and heading out. Additionally, pack ice cubes in your hydration pack to ensure that you have access to cold water throughout your ride, no matter how hot it gets. 

Dress Right

There are specific clothes that come in handy when going for a bike ride in the hot summer weather. You’ll need to invest in clothes that specifically cater to cyclists. These clothes come with incredible fabrics that keep you protected from the sun and are sweat-free.

UPF fabric clothes are an incredible option for cyclists, especially when riding with the sun out. They are lightweight and feature wicking properties that help you stay cool throughout your ride. 

Additionally, consider having lightweight wicking socks to ensure that your feet stay cool and comfortable. Wear sunglasses that will protect you from UV rays and dust to ensure that you keep your focus and stay safe

Check Your Bike

Bikes tend to lose the grips on the tires when riding, and you need to ensure that you check them before heading out. Doing this helps you ensure that you are riding a quality bike that will withstand the road’s conditions. 

If you need to upgrade your bike, ensure that you invest in the best quality. This will allow you to ride smoothly and enjoy the breeze from the momentum you build up to help you stay cool. Also, checking out online sales for mountain bikes will help you choose the best bike that fits your budget. 

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential product that every cyclist should invest in and keep using throughout the ride. It helps protect the skin to ensure that you do not sustain any severe sunburns during your ride.

Most people will look past this since they want to avoid any white casts that may be caused by applying sunscreen. However, investing in a quality product that will easily absorb into your skin and still get the job done is essential. 

When you get sunscreen, be generous when applying it, especially in those exposed areas. You can get away with not using it in places where you’ll have clothes on but do not risk going out without catering to the vulnerable parts of your body. 

Schedule Your Rides For Morning or Evening

The sun burns in different intensities depending on the time of the day. Therefore, you need to choose your riding time carefully to stay cool during your ride. Avoid the afternoon and mid-morning rides because the sun will be blazing at those times.

Therefore, consider scheduling your rides for the early morning or evening hours. Doing this will give you the experience of riding in warm weather without the scorching sun. In addition, getting up early for your bike rides will provide you with a great advantage and enable you to wrap up before the sun becomes too hot. 

However, if you are not so keen on waking up early in the morning, the evening rides will be great for you. Ensure that you are well prepared with quality lights if you end up riding into the night. Additionally, carry a windbreaker because summer evenings tend to be windy and cold, which would be a challenge, especially when riding. 

Plan For Regular Breaks

Regular breaks are a great way to stay cool and catch your breath. In addition, they allow you to re-energize yourself, hydrate, and rest before moving on. When choosing the best route for your rides, consider roads with scenic views and shade from tall trees and woodlands. 

The shade will provide an excellent place for you to take breaks and rest while also providing a cool breeze to help you recover. Additionally, indulge in cold drinks and the ice packs you carry on your bike rides during your breaks. 

Avoid the temptation of wanting to be done with the ride and move on to other things. Breaks are essential to avoid fatigue and ensure that you have the strength to keep going on your ride. 

Add Some Sodium

Sweating is a normal body response to the hot sun and your effort while riding. However, you lose a lot of essential electrolytes like sodium in this process which means you need to replace your sodium. 

Sodium helps to transport water from the bloodstream to the muscle and is crucial for maintaining it in the body. If you have water without sodium, it will be excreted out through sweat faster. 

Therefore, aim to include sodium in your packed drinking water to ensure that you stay hydrated and reduce your sweat levels. 

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