2021 Ski Holidays: The Myths Debunked

For some, winter is an unpopular period of the year. For others, it’s the opposite; it signals the start of the ski season and ultimately, utter excitement.

Ski holidays
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However, it would be fair to say that 2021 is throwing a lot of ski questions up in the air for obvious reasons. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions doing the rounds, which is going to be the focus of today’s blog post.

Myth #1 – It will be easy to book an early 2021 break

This is arguably one of the biggest misconceptions and has largely arisen because most of us are thinking the same. Most of us think that everybody else won’t have any intention of hitting the slopes in the near future, as there are far too many uncertainties.

As it turns out, most of us do have this in the back of our mind. In fact, many of us have gone a step further and have already started booking our trips for February and Easter. Many ski companies have already reached capacity for these periods, even though the outlook is still unknown.

As such, while it might seem sensible to leave it until as late as possible to make a booking, this might result in disappointment as everybody is in the same boat. It’s a fine-line, but be aware that demand is higher than you might first imagine.

Myth #2 – Skiing is outdoors, everything will be open

As the media have been keen to tell us, this isn’t the case in the slightest.

It might be outdoors, but skiing has been hit by the pandemic just like many other attractions. France, as an example, have closed all of their ski resorts. It can be possible to visit the resorts for other activities, such as hiking, but in terms of skiing they are closed.

There are some countries which have taken a different stance, though. Austria, Spain and Switzerland still have resorts that are open, with more information about these available on the Piste Pro website.

Myth #3 – The experience on the slopes will be the same

Again, the outdoor-factor of skiing means that many are under the assumption that once you arrive on the slopes, everything will be as normal.

As it turns out, this isn’t the case. Unfortunately, like most scenarios, each country has its different rules. However, to highlight a few points, we could hone in on France who have stated that (when their slopes open) masks must be worn at the start and end of lessons. In the case of Austria, the authorities over there have stipulated that everybody must wear masks where social distancing cannot be enforced. It is unknown how this will play out when the infamous queues start to build at the foot of the lifts, but it’s worth considering ahead of your trip.

Furthermore, much of the process is heading online. Most resorts have implemented online systems for booking lift passes and equipment, meaning that there should theoretically be less queuing time.

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