The Four Seasons In Whistler, Canada Sets The Bar

The Four Seasons Whistler is void of the pretentious stuffy atmosphere that some hotels put off, and yet it still has every aspect of a 5-star resort and more.

Four Seasons Whistler Canada coffee
Photo: Valerie Wilson

I have been fortunate enough to have stayed at countless 5-star hotels over the years, and as a general rule, they are almost always dazzling. However, nothing has warmed my cold little heart quite the way the Four Seasons Whistler has. Hotels are like people, they each have a different personality and not every hotel is right for every person, except perhaps this one.

Some top-notch properties are gorgeous but put off that uncomfortable snobby vibe that makes me want to retreat to my room. Not here. The Four Seasons Whistler is void of the pretentious stuffy atmosphere that some hotels put off, and yet it still has every aspect of a 5-star resort and more. The upscale lodge decor is inviting and warm. Everything is stunning while comfortable and welcoming, unlike some upscale hotels that make me feel as though my parents should have sent me to cotillion classes. The beautiful suites boast giant bathtubs, fireplaces and stunning views… all of the things that wonderful mountain getaways are made of.

Ski Concierge & Shuttle

Since the town is built around the base of two incredible mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb), the hotel provides a much welcomed ski concierge service.

Often times, swanky hotels and ski condominiums will feature locker areas, but this ski concierge service so much better. Upon pulling up to the property, while your bags are unloaded and sent to your room, the skis are unloaded and sent to the ski concierge. In the mornings you dress in full gear in the comfort of your room. You can wear comfy shoes down to the lobby and pop your ski boots on in the area where you wait for shuttles and hand your shoes over to the valet to be put aside in the back for your return. Then, you simply get on the shuttle which first goes to Blackcomb, where your ski’s are conveniently kept at the base of the mountain, and secondly it goes to Whistler.

The shuttle regularly comes by every 15 minutes to bring you where you need to go. The shuttle runs from the hotel to the mountain, the mountain back to the hotel or between the village and hotel between 7:30 a.m. -11 p.m. daily.

Four Seasons Whistler Canada ski lift
Photo: Valerie Wilson

Wine and S’more Hour

After a long day of skiing, nothing could possibly feel better than roasting marshmallows over a fire pit or sitting in a cozy leather chair by the fireplace while enjoying a glass of wine. The Four Season’s bar in SideCut (the restaurant) provides both a wine hour from 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. and s’mores from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. daily. One of my favorite parts of the stay was going outside and roasting marshmallows in the fire pit just like a kid at camp.

Four Seasons Whistler Canada marsmellows
Photo: Valerie Wilson


Four Seasons Whistler Canada wine
Photo: Valerie Wilson


Cocktails made here are created the way they were meant to be. After sitting at the bar eating a piece of delicious pumpkin pie on American Thanksgiving, I watched the bartenders carefully craft each drink. I can fully attest to the fact that the bartenders make every drink with careful consideration and a love for their craft. Bartending at it’s finest. I ordered an Ameretto Sour (you know, the real one made with egg whites and lemon juice, not with lousy store-bought sour mix.) It was delicious and perfectly frothy.

The food here is remarkably delightful, as well. If you happen to choose other accommodations, making a visit to the Four Seasons for dinner is a still a must. During my dinner, my phone had died and I was dining solo, yet the food was so incredible and the servers were so knowledgeable that I took three hours to enjoy my meal.

Four Seasons Whistler Canada food
Photo: Valerie Wilson


Four Seasons Whistler Canada cocktail
Photo: Valerie Wilson


Service and friendliness of the staff is always the true measure of a quality resort and the “make it or break it” for me. The staff was incredibly pleasant and they all greet you by name. It could be due to the friendly mountain town culture or maybe because they simply hire the best staff that want to go above and beyond to make each guest’s stay pure perfection. Regardless of the reason, everyone is extremely attentive, warm, genuine and eager to make your stay memorable. Even the turn-down service was spectacular. When I came in from skiing, I stripped off my ski gear and left it laying around bunched up on the floor, still damp from the day and rushed off to a meeting and then into the village. Upon arriving back to my suite not only was everything picked up from the floor to dry, my ski gear was also hanging over the fireplace in the most heartwarming manner. It’s the little things that prove this staff takes careful consideration to attend to each guests needs.

Four Seasons Whistler Canada Valerie
Photo: Valerie Wilson

The Four Seasons Whistler is my new favorite property and for good reason, the overall experience at the Four Seasons Whistler is unmatched. Any 5 star property can dazzle, but it takes special attention and care to make the experience both sensational and welcoming. I recommend booking a trip to the Whistler Four Seasons and experiencing this for yourself, as soon as possible.

Valerie Wilson


As the girl behind the blog: Trusted Travel Girl, Valerie is huge on traveling like a local and going off the beaten path to find secrets only locals would know. She has no comfort zone and loves to solo travel.

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