Best Countries To Travel For Study

Everyone dreams of traveling.

Travel for study

Students are in an advantageous position because they can go to study abroad in the top countries where the best technology is used, such as proofreading service for essays. So let’s look at the best options.


Canada took first place in the ranking due to the availability and quality of education. According to the survey, the country of the red maple became the first in terms of comfort and took third place in the categories “Quality of education” and “Opportunity to learn a new language.” Most Canadians speak English, but French plays an important role in education. Students distinguish a high culture of tolerance and consider the Canadian educational environment the safest and friendliest for foreigners. The country’s universities are known for their technological innovations, especially in the fields of computer and information education.


Australia took first place among the countries of Oceania and third place in the categories “Access to education” and “Opportunity to make new friends”. This gave her the opportunity to take second place in the overall ranking.  Students like that most of the big university cities are on the coast. Foreigners consider Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to be the most comfortable for living and studying.


Germany became the third in the world and the first in Europe. Respondents gave the country the first place in the ranking of the quality of education and the sixth in the category “Opportunity to achieve career goals.” The most popular cities are Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Students single out a large number of different festivals held in the country. After graduation, students have many employment opportunities, as Germany is the most economically developed country in the European Union.


Switzerland was second in Europe after Germany and fourth in the world. Respondents gave her third place in the category “Self-Development” and tenth in “Interesting Adventures”. In Switzerland, in addition to a high standard of living, a fairly high level of education. Every year, the country’s universities rank first in various world rankings for the quality of education. Students consider Switzerland one of the most beautiful and comfortable countries in Europe.


The United States ranks second in North America and fifth in the world. Respondents also ranked the United States fifth in the categories “Learning about a new culture and lifestyle” and “Quality of education.” It is home to some of the best universities in the world, including Stanford, Princeton and Harvard universities. Students highlight a multicultural educational environment and a wide range of post-academic career opportunities.


Sweden took sixth place in the overall ranking and first in the category “Opportunity to achieve career goals”. This Scandinavian country is famous for its universities in Stockholm, Lund and Uppsala.

Many students highlight the possibility of creating their own startup. Interesting projects are often funded by the country’s higher education institutions themselves.


The Netherlands took the seventh place in the ranking. In the categories “Self-development” and “Quality of education” the country took sixth place.

Many universities offer educational areas in which teaching is conducted in English.

Students highlight the good environment, well-developed infrastructure and the popularity of cycling.

United Kingdom

Taking eighth place in the overall ranking, the UK took second place in the category “Quality of Education” and fourth in “Learn about a new culture and lifestyle.”

It is home to some of the world’s oldest universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Almost all major cities in the UK can be called university, because in a relatively small country there are more than 400 institutions of higher education.

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