Top Study Abroad Programs For Those Who Are Seeking An Escape

Immerse yourself in foreign cultures by enrolling in study abroad programs offered by CIEE, IES Abroad or CIS Abroad.

Study abroad programs
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Studying abroad, which may involve participating in academic courses, internships and other service or professional opportunities, allows one to learn or work while immersing themselves in a foreign culture. Companies like CIEE, IES Abroad and CIS Abroad provide several ways for prospective students or employees to escape their current situation while still progressing in their academic or work-related goals.


CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange
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CIEE, which stands for the Council on International Educational Exchange, formed approximately 75 years ago and since then, has been encouraging student and teacher travel. Enrolling approximately 10,000 study abroad students annually, CIEE offers various academic programs for different periods of time.

College students may register for language and culture, liberal arts or communication courses, among other options, for terms as short as one month or as long as a semester. What’s more? CIEE provides classes in 26 languages so scholars participate in a unique learning experience that may further their linguistic goals.

The company also features several high school study abroad opportunities. Students may enroll in summer language immersion courses, semester-long programs or year-long sessions, improving linguistic and service skills while earning college credits.

If one wishes, they can also work abroad, as CIEE allows enrollees to teach and participate in internships in foreign nations, cultivating professional experience and cultural education.

IES Abroad

IES Abroad programs

IES Abroad, which is also known as the Institute for the International Education of Students, opened in 1950 when 23 American students studied abroad in Vienna for a year and has since expanded to 34 locations around the world and enrolled approximately 10,000 students each year.

Offering learners the opportunity to take courses in foreign countries, IES Abroad provides 18 areas of study in which students can engage while staying in 1 of the 8 cities where the company hosts programs. College students may spend a summer studying in Cape Town, a semester in Tokyo or a calendar year in Buenos Aires; learning subjects such as anthropology, linguistics or language.

Additionally, participants can register for internships abroad, spending a summer in Barcelona, Berlin or London or a semester in Dublin, Milan or Rome, among other cities.

CIS Abroad

CIS Abroad programs

Operating in more than 30 countries, CIS Abroad provides domestic and international services that aid registrants in various ways, such as assistance to ensure credits transfer and opportunities for students to engage with the local community.

Enrollees can choose to spend a month, summer or semester in 1 of the 20 countries in which the company has study abroad offerings and narrow down their options to programs that are particularly friendly to certain members of the population such as those in the LGBTQ+ community or athletes.

CIS Abroad also allows scholars to engage in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Chang Mai, Thailand, Quito, Ecuador and Tokyo to begin or further their educational career. The experiences involve in-person teaching as well as online TEFL courses to earn a TEFL certificate and credentials that may assist the educator in acquiring their desired job. Consisting of 40+ hours of teaching experience, the six-week program encompasses an enriching adventure.

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