Where Was “Ticket To Paradise” On Amazon Prime Filmed?

Explore the beautiful islands of Australia in Amazon Prime’s “Ticket To Paradise.”

“Ticket To Paradise” swam onto Amazon Prime’s top five this weekend. The 2022 blockbuster stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney as Georgia and David, a divorced couple brought back together under a mutual enemy: their daughter Lily’s wedding in Bali.

After graduating college, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever,) travels to Bali where she meets Gede (Maxime Boutier.) The two fall into a whirlwind romance, and a destination wedding awaits Georgia and David the moment they arrive. The bickering parents must set aside their issues and rediscover the meaning of true love. Follow them as they chase Lilly through Australia in “Ticket To Paradise.”


Katie’s Cove

Ticket to Paradise
Katie’s Cove. Photo: Amazon Prime

Katie’s Cove sets the mood as the worried twosome reunites with their newly engaged daughter. In the film, this beach area expands to reveal a larger resort and hotel for the guests, however Katie’s Cove is just that; a secluded beach with gorgeous white sand and a never-ending horizon. Located on the northern tip of Haselwood Island, it provides scenery and views that are sure to make even a skeptic swoon. Haselwood Island is part of a chain of destinations within Whitsundays and is a must-see location for movie buffs as sections of Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed in this secluded haven.

The Palm Bay Resort on Long Island

Ticket to Paradise
The Palm Bay Resort on Long Island. Photo: Amazon Prime

The Palm Bay Resort on Long Island is used for a majority of the seaweed farming scenes. Gede himself is a seaweed farmer and while helping him harvest, Lily falls in love with his connection to nature. This parallel is used again when Gede teaches Georgia and David farming techniques and the audience sees the tiniest rekindling of their past relationship. Long Island is another one of the Whitsundays Islands. In addition to The Palm Bay Resort hosting seaweed farming scenes, it also served as the resort where Georgia and David stayed for the duration of their plan, complete with adjoining rooms for their drunken sleepover.


Ticket to Paradise
Qualia. Photo: Amazon Prime

Qualia, a resort within the Great Barrier Reef was also used for some of the interior resort scenes. It also plays host to the soccer game, bridal procession and intense conversation between Gede and David as Qualia is located on yet another Whitsunday island, known as Hamilton Island which is the largest in this cluster and is by far the most populated as it has a commercial airport and other retailers, including outside of the luxurious Qualia, which is settled on the northern tip. Hamilton Island itself “is laced with bushwalking trails leading to panoramic viewpoints, where breathtaking vistas take in the Whitsunday Islands and Coral Sea.”

Tamborine National Park

Ticket to Paradise
Tamborine National Park. Photo: Amazon Prime

Tamborine National Park located on the Hinterlands of The Gold Coast masquerade as a jungle in Bali where tensions come to a head for the two couples. While hiking, David realizes that he accidentally untied Gede’s boat, leaving them stranded on this part of the water-locked jungle. Then Lilly finds her wedding rings hidden away in Georgia’s backpack. The “missing rings” stalled the ceremony after Georgia removed them from the ring bearer for “safekeeping” as he played soccer with David on the aforementioned beach. This discovery created unnecessary tension between Gede and Lilly as it is revealed that he was aware of their dubious intentions to sabotage the wedding and chose not to share this information with his soon-to-be-wife.

After learning of her parents’ betrayal, Lily finds solace in the reclusion and beauty of Curtis Falls, one of the many natural waterfalls within Tamborine National Park. It is here where true love prevails, Gede and Lily prove that their love is stronger than her parents’ past relationships. It is clear that they will not make the same mistakes. This park is also healing for Georgia and David as they share a kiss on the cliff as the sun rises. Tamborine National Park offers a magical setting for visitors and film crews alike, as it has been the backdrop for other romantic comedies within Netflix’s choice of locations.

Tangalooma Island Resort

Ticket to Paradise
Tangalooma Island Resort. Photo: Amazon Prime

Tangalooma Island Resort offers the resolution to Lily’s conflict with her parents. She stands facing the resort, with the view of the sunset at her back as it falls beyond the sky. It not only exists as a gorgeous picture, but as a metaphor for the parents’ decision to let go of Lily and support her in this new stage of her life. This seems like a large burden to be shouldered by a resort that is only shown as a beach, but Tangalooma Island Resort handles the pressure well.

Located 75 minutes away from Brisbane, on Moreton Island, Australia’s second-biggest island resort is not averse to familial conflicts. In fact, Tangalooma Island Resort prides itself on creating “the perfect family holiday destination for guests seeking a unique adventure, relaxing stay or educational and nature-based experience.” This resort is more than just sunsets and white sand beaches, depending on the package choice, you can experience Brisbane like never before. From whale-watching tours to desert walks, there is something for everyone. You can even visit Lucinda Bay, where Lily, Gede, Georgia and David were up-close-and-personal with a group of dolphins. For David it may have been a bit too personal as he was attacked by this majestic creature while “playing” with it. Lucinda Bay “is a protected anchorage with large sandbars to the north, south and west and nice shallow and crystal clear water over white sand, without the current of Tangalooma.” It is named after the Queensland governor’s yacht, “Steamship Lucinda,” which frequented this swimming and picnic destination.

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