The Perfect Australian Places For Your Honeymoon

The territory of Australia occupies a whole continent, so the main attractions of the country are not only nature, but also megacities with a large number of places for recreation and entertainment.

The Perfect Australian Places For Your Honeymoon
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Therefore, based on our personal experience and general knowledge about Australia, we have selected the 5 best honeymoon destinations. The honeymoon is the perfect time to unwind and recharge for the couple’s next journey together. Australia with its nature, culture and philosophy will help with this.


Brisbane is one of the most modern and progressive cities in Australia. The city itself is very active and at the same time calm, despite a large number of tourists and newly married couples.

What about entertainment? There are a lot of parks and green areas (without spiders and other insects), a water park, and the famous Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane, which are ideal for gambling couples. Therefore, before you go and check into a hotel, it is better to explore online poker in Australia and warm up before live games.

Also, don’t forget the delicious food. As in any metropolis, dozens of restaurants with different cuisines of the world await you, including Esquire, one of the top establishments. In addition to traditional Australian dishes, the restaurant promotes classic European cuisine. Therefore, it is also an ideal place for gastro tourism.


If you want to visit the country’s core and see Australia’s cultural and architectural features, then Sydney is the perfect solution. But be prepared; there are many more tourists and people here than in any other city. Well, this is one of the most famous cities, which is why it attracts so many people worldwide.

Sydney Australia
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First of all, the main attraction will be Sydney’s visiting card – the Sydney Opera House. A masterpiece of architecture not only in Australia but throughout the world. Therefore, this is an ideal place if you want to feel the atmosphere of theater and opera.

Do you love animals? Then the Sydney Zoo Taronga will please you with more than 300 species of different animals. Elephants, tigers, various primates and reptiles, as well as cute and adorable Tibetan red pandas, and this is not the whole list of rare animals. But this is not just a zoo but an actual scientific center for the study and rescue of animals. If you are interested, a ticket to the zoo will be an ideal investment for wildlife conservation in Australia and worldwide.

Sydney people are very friendly to tourists and visitors who enjoy Australia, its culture, and nature. Therefore, this is an ideal place to visit Australia for the first time.

New South Wales

New South Wales is a unique region with amazing nature, which attracts many people who appreciate the beauty of the environment.

New South Wales
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The island itself is small, but the entertainment and activities are very large. Starting from reserves with unique animals and plants, ending with wildlife and the Blue Mountains.

The blue mountains are the hallmark of the island. As a result of natural phenomena, a blue glow forms over the eucalyptus forest, which fascinates with beauty. Many people think this is some trick to attract tourists, but this is a natural phenomenon to which a person has nothing to do and therefore is under the protection of UNESCO.

Middle Island

Have you ever heard about pink Lake Hillier? If not, we are happy to announce that it is located in Western Australia and attracts people worldwide who want to ensure this is reality and not photoshop.

Australia’s nature is fantastic (except for spiders, according to arachnophobes). The lake is surrounded by a dense eucalyptus forest, fragrant and pleasant for walks and excursions. In addition, you should pay attention to the beach, with its crystal clear water. Although it is not pink, there is a lake for this, but it is quite pleasant and relaxing.


Once Tasmania was part of the continent, but with an increase in the world ocean level, it turned into an island. As a result, it has become another magnificent place with amazing flora and fauna.

Yes, this is the birthplace of the well-known Tasmanian Devil – a cute little animal named for its rage and aggression. But don’t be afraid of them. In general, Tasmania is a vast natural area where most of the territory is occupied by impenetrable forests. Everything else is parks that are visited by more and more tourists every year.

One of the most interesting excursions is around the island, along the Devonport – Melbourne route, and vice versa.

These 5 different places will surprise everyone. If you want, you can visit one or visit altogether if time permits. Australia is not a very expensive country, so there will be no special expenses other than flights and entertainment. Truly an ideal country for a honeymoon.

But be careful with the season. This is very important and should not be forgotten. The country is beautiful at any time of the year, so choose the right wardrobe and prepare various accessories in advance.

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