Where Is Bridgerton Season 3 Filmed?

Dearest Reader…dare to bet on which locations will become the diamond of the season?

If there is one series that perfectly combines English period drama with the most contemporary traces, it is Bridgerton. Set in London’s high society during the Regency era, this Netflix show never fails to present us with the most passionate and vibrant love stories of recent years. A few days ago, the first part of the third season premiered, and its protagonists, Penelope and Colin, already guarantee to be one of those romantic pairs that will go down in history.

With Bridgerton, we rediscover the main cities of the United Kingdom in a rather novel way, as the settings are bathed in light and bright colors that steer us away from the typical gloomy atmosphere of the country. Thus, the series delights us with landscapes such as ravishing gardens where the protagonists stroll and share secrets, or the impressive ballrooms where couples dance and fall even more in love.

Next, we show you the dream locations where the Bridgertons, the Featheringtons, and the most elite families of English society have been spotted.

Ranger’s House

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The Bridgerton family is guilty of the classiest scandals of the London elite, and as such, their home must match their elevated status. The exterior of their enormous mansion, which is theoretically located in Mayfair, is actually Ranger’s House in Greenwich.

Located in southeast London, it was constructed around 1722 and stands as an excellent example of Georgian architecture. Although it was formerly designed as a private residence, today Ranger’s House is open to the public and managed by English Heritage. Visitors can dive into its well-kept gardens and interior facilities, decorated with period furniture from its former residents. The villa additionally houses The Wernher Collection, created by philanthropist Sir Julius Wernher, comprising approximately 700 works of art. Some of the unique pieces include: Madonna of the Pomegranate by Sandro Botticelli, among many others.

Royal Crescent, Bath

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Photo by Royal Crescent Instagram

Our beloved protagonist, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan,) resides with her mother and sisters in another impressive property in the country, although if we desire to see it, we must travel to Bath. A few hours from the English capital, this historic city is also world-renowned for its extensive Georgian architecture, where monuments like the Royal Crescent stand out.

The structure comprises 30 terraced houses forming a crescent curve and is notable for its 114 Ionic columns. House number 1, in addition to being the residence of the Featheringtons, houses the Royal Crescent Museum, where visitors can learn about the daily life of 18th-century residents. Scenes from films such as “Persuasion” and “The Duchess” starring Keira Knightley have also been filmed at the Royal Crescent.

Holbourne Museum, Bath

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Photo by Holbourne Museum Instagram

Lady Danbury’s house can also be encountered in this city, specifically at the Holburne Museum. Originally built as the Sydney Hotel, it served as the entrance to the Sydney Pleasure Gardens, the oldest park in the city where personalities like the royal family or Jane Austen strolled.

Queen Charlotte herself, who incidentally also has her own series within the Bridgerton universe, stayed opposite the Sydney Hotel, at Sydney Place, during one of her relaxing trips to Bath to “take the waters,” as was customary among the wealthy class.

Wilton House

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Photo by Wilton House Instagram

With each season’s start, hundreds of girls from the best families in the capital parade around the halls of St. James’s Palace, where the Queen, installed on her throne and accompanied by her court, tries to choose “the new diamond”.

These rooms are actually located in Wilton House, an impressive country house about two hours from London in Salisbury, and the room where Her Majesty admires the young women is none other than the “Double Cube.” This is the largest room in the palace and is easily recognizable by the enormous painting that covers one of the walls. Depicting the 4th Earl of Pembroke with his family, this piece of art is devoted to the property owners for centuries. The stay may also be recognizable for its appearance in other successful series like The Crown.

But Wilton House has many other picturesque settings, such as the Palladian Bridge, a project realized in 1736 from a rejected design for a construction in Venice. This and other sites like the property’s gardens have been used for scenes in other seasons of Bridgerton.

Painshill Park

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Photo by Painshill Park Instagram

Primrose Hill is one of the predilect parks of the Bridgerton protagonists; here, we see Colin (Luke Newton) and Penelope walking whilst talking and slowly falling in love with each other. This idyllic landscape, nevertheless, is actually located in Painshill Park, an 18th-century landscape garden in Surrey.

It was designed by Charles Hamilton as a living painting with the aim of bringing to England the gardens and landscapes he had encountered during his travels in Europe. Painshill Park is considered one of the main archetypes of the English Landscape Movement and offers a fantastic sensory experience thanks to the wildlife it hosts and the winding lake that runs through it.

This natural beauty is also combined with architectural elements, as Painshill Park features constructions like the Temple of Bacchus or an elegant Chinese-style bridge.

You can stream Bridgerton Season 3 on Netflix.

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