All The Filming Locations In The Crown Season 6

These filming locations in The Crown Season 6 will leave you feeling like royalty.

The Crown season 6 is set during the 90s and early 2000s depicting Princess Diana’s final moments, William and Kate’s love story, and Charles and Camilla’s wedding. Being that it’s the last season of the show; production recreated as many iconic costumes, events, and locations as closely as possible. Here are eight must-see filming locations in the United Kingdom.


Dartmouth House in Mayfair

Dartmouth House the crown
Photo by Dartmouth House in Mayfair Instagram

Located in the heart of London is Dartmouth House, a classy mansion in the Mayfair neighborhood. Everything from meetings, events, seminars, lectures, private dinners, parties, and weddings can be reserved at this estate. For all bookings, 30% of profits go directly into funding groundbreaking educational programs to help change young people’s lives. Instead of filming at the Ritz hotel in Paris, Dartmouth House was chosen as a replacement to show Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s final moments together.

Lancaster House

Lancaster House
Photo by Lancaster House Website

Lancaster House is situated near Buckingham Palace and has a vast garden with first-class amenities for events. In 1985, the first London Fashion Week was hosted here, thanks to Princess Diana. Viewers can spot this mansion in every season of the show since it is used in place of Buckingham Palace. The entrance of the mansion has a wide staircase built with French Baroque influence. Charles Barry recreated marble on the interior walls, using scagliola to make it glow under the skylight.

Wilton House

WIlton House
Photo by Wilton House Instagram

Wilton House was established as a charity in 1983 to preserve its gardens and park for the public. Visitors can stroll along the vast, lavish estate grounds or admire one of the many art collections, while children can let loose at the onsite playground. Wilton House was another location used to recreate the elegant interiors of Buckingham Palace. Shows and films like Bridgerton, Emma, Tomb Raider, and Young Victoria were also filmed here.

Burghley House

Burghley House the crown season 6
Photo by Burghley House Facebook

The Burghley House estate contains residential and commercial properties as well as hotels, pubs, offices, and gardens. This is one of the last sizable standing houses of the 16th century, in addition to showcasing a wonderful example of the great Elizabethan prodigy houses that were built in her honor. Here, Burghley House is filmed in place of Windsor Castle during seasons four to six, like the renowned fire scene. Here is how to pack light and right for a trip to London.

Somerleyton Hall

Somerleyton Hall
Photo by Somerleyton Hall Facebook

Since the 17th century, Somerleyton Hall has often been praised for having one of the most lush gardens in the area, spanning over 12 acres. The clock tower by Vulliamy, which can be spotted on the property, was a runner-up to the current Big Ben design. In this season, Somerleyton Hall was used to portray Highgrove House, although in previous seasons it was used to depict the Sandringham Estate.

Ardverikie Estate

Ardverikie Estate the crown season 6
Photo by Ardverikie Estate Facebook

Ardverikie Estate is a castle with Victorian roots, covering over 38,000 acres. Visitors can reserve one of six cottages onsite year-round. Ardverikie is used in place of Balmoral Castle, both of which are traditional Scottish structures. Since 1990, Ardverikie Estate has used a hydropower station to maintain zero carbon emissions. Here, one of Scotland’s oldest and most famous deer forests can be found. Explore everything London has to offer with these attractions.

Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle the crown season 6
Photo by Belvoir Castle Facebook

Belvoir Castle dates back to the 11th century and is an ancestral home to the Duke of Rutland, where the family has lived for over a thousand years. Guests can discover the vast gardens and woods using one of the many hiking trails available. Don’t miss afternoon tea with an arrangement of small sandwiches, scones, cakes, and other sweet treats. The interior of the castle was used as a backdrop throughout seasons two, three, and six.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral
Photo by Winchester Cathedral Facebook

Winchester Cathedral has been one of the most polished medieval churches in Europe for over 1,000 years. Instead of filming in Westminster Abbey, Winchester Cathedral was used to recreate Diana’s funeral. The onsite café is nestled behind a stone wall opposite of the cathedral. It has a contemporary layout with a cozy terrace and a view of the church.

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