4 Filming Locations In Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2

We may not be Lady Whistledown, but we are well-acquainted with all the secrets of Bridgerton and the exquisite locations where it was filmed, especially in the latest Season 3 Part 2.

After several seasons focusing on the dramas and romances of the most prestigious family in Regency London, it’s safe to say that Bridgerton has become a social phenomenon. Not only have its characters and stories captivated a global audience, but also the radiant and elegant England in which it is set. Full of palaces, parks, lakes, and temples.

Fans of the series are already accustomed to that existential void remaining at the end of a new season, a desire to learn further about the idyllic lives of the wealthy aristocrats who star in it. Colin and Penelope are not an exception because, with the novelty that this new set has been split into two parts, the episodes left the spectator longing for more.

Luckily, we have the consolation of being able to explore and visit all the locations in the UK, where it was filmed. If, for now, we can’t dive further into the story of the Bridgertons, Featheringtons, Danburys, and Cowpers; at least we can experience what they felt as they strolled and danced through the many places that we show you below.

The Abbey Deli

the abbey deli Bridgerton Season 3 part 2
Picture by The Abbey Deli Instagram

The wealthiest ladies of London society frequent Madame Delacroix’s Modiste shop, in which she dresses her clients according to the latest fashions of the era. Not only is she one of Penelope’s most loyal friends and one of the few who knows her secret; she is additionally responsible for designing Penelope’s new wardrobe, helping her shine on her own. While the establishment is set in the heart of Mayfair in the series, it is actually filmed in a café in Bath called The Abbey Deli, famous in the city as an ideal location for breakfast and afternoon tea.

Kingston Bagpuize House

the abbey deli Bridgerton Season 3 part 2
Picture by Kingston Bagpuize House Instagram

One of the secondary storylines this season is that of the Mondrich family, whose life takes an unexpected turn when their son Nicholas is named Lord Kent. They must abandon some of their old ways in order to adopt the aristocratic lifestyle; nevertheless, the characters also gain privileges, such as living in Kingston Bagpuize House.

This family home in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, was built in 1660. Although, the various renovations it has undergone over the centuries now give it an 18th-century Georgian style. Today, it remains a notable manifestation of the architecture, culture, and fashion of the era; having carefully preserved every detail. It is currently open to visitors who desire to experience a connection with the past, offering guided tours and even hosting weddings and other celebrations.

Basildon Park

basildon park Bridgerton Season 3 part 2
Picture by Basildon Park Instagram

Basildon Park, the home of Lady Tilley Arnold, the widow with whom Benedict Bridgerton has an affair, is in Reading, Berkshire. It is also in this house that Featherington’s party at the end of the second season is filmed. Built in 1783, the house is once again an example of Georgian architecture, specifically the Palladian branch, as evidenced by the symmetry and classical proportions of its construction. Period dramas like Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey have also used Basildon Park as a filming location.

Blenheim Palace

blenheim palace Bridgerton Season 3 part 2
Picture by Blenheim Palace Instagram

Besides appearing in the first part during the hot air balloon scene, Blenheim Palace is often used as Buckingham House, where Queen Charlotte resides.

Located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, it is one of the grandest residences in the country. Built in 1722, the palace is a prominent exemplar of English Baroque. Its extravagance is reflected in elements such as the main façade, filled with sculptural details and Corinthian columns, and its landscaped grounds which cover more than 2,000 acres.

In 1987, Blenheim Palace was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its enormous architectural, cultural, and historical value. Winston Churchill himself was born and raised in the palace, which has belonged to his lineage since its origins.

You can now stream Bridgerton on Netflix.

Aitana Esteban Rando

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