SF Carnival: The Perfect Restaurant For Your Cravings

Although one can cozy up at home, it is that time of the year where rain and cold weather can ruin all our outdoor events.

Straw Restaurant Straw San Francisco restaurant
Photo: Frances Tao

Straw is now a catering service, the restaurant has been permanently closed.

One thing I specifically miss about the sunny weather is all the carnivals and county fairs that come with it. Every time a carnival or fair is in town I automatically crave the interesting food adventures I can go on from eating fried Oreos to funnel cakes. In my mind, I always wonder where I can indulge in these types of foods without waiting 30 minutes in line and paying a 15 dollars entrance fee.

Situated in Hayes Valley of San Francisco, Straw incorporates American food in a carnival themed atmosphere. They have everything you are looking forward to eat when you are at a county fair. Straw successfully integrates the carnival theme into their restaurant by having a two-seated Ferris wheel table in the corner, and clown photos posted all around the restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant made me feel as if I was ten again dragging my older brother to the local county fair.

Besides the ambiance, Straw was able to mimic almost all their dishes similar to the food one can be looking for at a carnival. Warning, share these dishes. They all come in very large sizes and may come off as intimidating.

1. The Ringmaster

Or as I like to call it, the most delicious heart attack you will ever have. It is Straw’s famous Donut Burger. My friends and I decided to add a fried egg and bacon to it because the more fried the better. It may seem like a weird combination but the balance of the sweetness of the glazed donut and the juiciness of the patty and the egg was mouth-watering. Every bite of it will make you want to melt in your chair.

Ring Master Straw San Francisco restaurant
Photo: Frances Tao

2. Cotton Candy Drink

Who says cotton candy can’t be classy? Straw is known for one of their special drinks that mix both champagne and cotton candy. You can choose between blueberry and strawberry flavored cotton candy. The cotton candy and champagne come out separately. You pour the champagne over the cotton candy and it immediately dissolves making the drink a sugary and bubbly goodness. Remember to keep your pinkies up!

Cotton Candy Straw San Francisco restaurant
Photo: Frances Tao

3. Monte Cristo

Who knew fried chicken and waffles make such an amazing sandwich. I have tried multiple Monte Cristo Sandwiches in my life, but my favorite is still Straw’s. Instead of having the thin waffle that most restaurants have in their chicken and waffles, Straw uses thick waffles and toast it to perfection making sure the outside is crispy and the inside is warm and soft. What won me over about this sandwich wasn’t the waffle or the fried chicken; it was the jam that was smothered in between. The complement of the raspberry jam with the sandwich was genius, and is what got me hooked onto this restaurant.

Monte Cristo Straw San Francisco restaurant
Photo: Frances Tao

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