Escape To Mount Tamalpais To Escape City Crowds

The San Francisco Bay Area is a popular vacation destination year-round due to the quirky lifestyles and unique atmosphere.

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A classic sunset view from Mt. Tam. Photo: Storrey Lance

Known for its incredible Chinatown and classic Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco attracts millions of travelers every year. Each of the city’s unique neighborhoods are packed with different and exotic delights. While the city itself is overflowing with exciting adventures, a hidden treasure is located just across the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco Jetest Times
Reconnecting with the beauty of nature. Photo: Storrey Lance

The locals in Marin, the county on the other side of the Golden Gate, will enthusiastically tell you about the awe-inspiring beauty of Mount Tamalpais, or Mt. Tam. It is here that you can escape the crowds of tourists and experience something truly special. Whether you enjoy hiking, climbing trees, or just chowing down on a burrito in the warmth of your car, Mt. Tam is the place for people who want to relax in nature and reconnect the beauty of this amazing planet.

San Francisco Jetest Times
A glorious sunset in the heat of July. Photo: Storrey Lance

I have never in my life seen something quite like a sunset on the ridge at the top of Mt. Tam. It is an otherworldly experience and delivers the full, wholesome beauty of Northern California. This is what makes it a popular spot for Instagrammers and professional photographers alike. The rolling hills and winding streets make it a picturesque location. Sometimes fog rolling in from the ocean creates an ocean of sherbet clouds as the sun melts into them.

San Francisco Jetest Times
The rolling golden hills. Photo: Storrey Lance

From the top, you can see most of West Marin County as the shoreline glides up the coast of the Pacific Ocean. In the summer, it is a vision of golden hills and valleys speckled with patches of evergreens and redwoods. In the winter and spring, the mountain is born again in a carpet of luscious, green grass which envelopes the rolling hills as far as the eye can see. This is my absolute favorite place in the world and a must-see for anyone visiting the Bay Area with the desire to have a truly incredible and unique experience.

Storrey has lived in the Bay Area for 20 years.

Storrey Lance


Storrey's passion for travel has never stopped, including studying abroad in Italy. She's a foodie, vegetarian & loves to bake pies.

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