10 Hidden Gem Ethnic Eateries In NYC

Because the tastiest hotspot is always a hidden gem.


Being in NYC and trying new foods is a must. If you’re looking for some different restaurants to make the most of your experience in the city, check out this variety of places that might just be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for.

1. VeselkaUkranian food

Neighborhood: East Village


I’ve only had Ukranian food a few times, and one of my first times was at Veselka. You need to try the pierogies if you go. Veselka has also been featured in productions like Gossip Girl and Oceans 8.

2. Shu Jiao Fu Zhoupeanut butter noodles

Neighborhood: Lower East Side


This is a great, incredibly inexpensive option with flavorful food. A specialty dish is peanut butter noodles. Trust me, you won’t regret this unique meal!

3. Patisserie FouetJapanese pastries

Neighborhood: Union Square Park


If you are in the mood for some pastries, definitely check out this Japanese pastry and tea shop. The desserts are not only delicious but beautiful if you’re looking to get some yummy pictures of your food.

4. Giano – classic Italian

Neighborhood: East Village


This place is great for some classic Italian food! It’s been recommended by so many because of their homemade pasta and ambience. In the city, it’s known as one of the best Italian places.

5. Punjabi Grocery & DeliIndian take-out

Neighborhood: East Village


This is a great place for some South Asian flavors. It has inexpensive Indian cuisine served in a deli style. If you want some casual but authentic Indian food, this is definitely a spot to check out.

6. Coffee Project NYdeconstructing latte 

Multiple locations


If you’re a coffee lover, you should consider going to Coffee Project NY! They have a unique take on the coffee drinking experience with the “deconstructed latte.” It’s cool to try this item, where the latte is taken apart into three separate glasses.

7. Village Yokochoauthentic Japanese 

Neighborhood: East Village


Village Yokocho is an izakaya which is a Japanese pub that serves food. They have some amazing grilled foods and a huge variety of things to try, which makes the experience special.

8. Rakuudon noodles

Multiple locations


This is a great Japanese place with amazing udon noodles.  I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a good udon place.

9. Taim – vegetarian falafel

Multiple locations


If you want a great falafel place, Taim is for you! The menu is entirely vegetarian, so if that’s something you like or something new you want to try, I would recommend this place to you.

10. La Lanterna Di Vittoriopizza

Neighborhood: Washington Square Park


La Lanterna Di Vittorio is an Italian place with a unique environment and great food. It’s a beautiful place and has a large array of options.

Avani Goswami

Editor / Social Media Associate

Avani is an avid reader and a lover of learning. She enjoys writing and seeks out new adventures everyday. Her passion is representation and equality for people all over the globe.

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