A Calmer Version Of Vegas: 5 Way To Sleep In The City That Never Sleeps

The following is a non-party-goer list of classic things to do during your stay in Vegas.


Bright lights, late nights, and people… lots of them. Vegas is a popular destination known for its casinos, clubs, shows, and just all-around wild characteristics. One who has never visited there, including myself up until recently, may wonder, “What can I possibly do for a weekend in Vegas that involves remaining coherent and not staying up until the sunrise?” Well, I found that the answer is a lot of different things!

1. No matter what, you must walk the Strip. 

When I first arrived in Vegas after a long car ride, we drove on the Strip in the light of day. The first thing you can really do is stare in amazement at the many gigantic skyscrapers. They extend through a few towers, comprising of single hotels with thousands of rooms. However, Las Vegas Boulevard really comes to life at night. When you walk out of your hotel, you are overwhelmed by the amount of amazing lights that keeps the city alive until the crack of dawn. People on the streets walk a little slowly, because the Strip is certainly a sight that needs to be taken in over time. There is a lot of visual stimulation to absorb. Because Las Vegas is always so warm, it is actually quite pleasant to walk around at night.

2. The amount of shops is innumerable.

No matter what hotel you stay in, there is one thing for certain: you will never run out of stores to choose from. Think of the largest mall by your house and multiply that by ten, and you get the shops of each of the massive hotels in Las Vegas. They have every store under the sun, especially the high-end designer stores. So get out your wallets, keep your eyes open for some window-shopping, and you could be shopping for your whole trip there!

3. Pig out!

The restaurants have the same story as stores, both inside and outside of the hotels. No matter what kind of food you are craving, you can find it somewhere in Las Vegas. And the food is good, too. While it is hard to believe, there are even affordable places for families to eat. I recommend Grimaldi’s in the Venetian, an Italian restaurant where I enjoyed delicious, perfect thin-crust pizza.

4. See a show!

Shows are one of the quintessential parts of the Vegas experience. Everywhere there were signs for every type of show, from Shania Twain to Blue Man Group to the many Cirque du Soleil acts. There are some for the older crowd, and some for families, and they’re all entertaining. When I was in Las Vegas, I saw the David Copperfield magic show, which I highly recommend. David Copperfield had an amazing act, each of which ended with me thinking, “No way, how did he do that?!”

5. There are so many activities just inside the hotel to explore!

While there’s always the pool to go hang out by (which is nice considering Las Vegas is warm), the hotels themselves have their own activities daily. There are usually little shows inside, televisions, casinos of course, and much more. At the Venetian you can take a gondola ride through the inside or the outside of the hotel. Be aware that many of these activities require reservations, so definitely plan in advance!

Whether you want a quieter or a wilder weekend in Vegas, there is something for everyone!

Article written by Sarah Graham. 

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