Inside Dani Brasserie: Gastronomy & Rooftop Bar With Epic View

There’s one place in Madrid where you can always count on for a classy gastronomic experience at any time of the day, and that’s Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid.

Elegant, bold dining room Dani Brasserie
Elegant, bold dining room. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Located on the rooftop terrace of the former Palacio de la Equitativa, just steps away from Puerta del Sol, Dani Brasserie offers sweeping views, elegant atmosphere and top-notch Spanish gastronomy as can only be expected from internationally-renowned chef, Dani Garcia.

Dani Brasserie has its own elevator and entrance on Calle de Sevilla, next to the grand entrance of the Four Seasons Madrid Hotel. When you get off the elevator on the 7th floor, you’ll find yourself in a brightly lit space with lots of natural light, elegant furniture and colorful artworks that pop from every wall panel. The restaurant is a fabulous blend of sophistication, bold art and a touch to glitz to bring it all together.

All day lounge and bar Dani Brasserie
All day lounge and bar. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Bar and dining room Dani Brasserie
Bar and dining room. PHOTO NADIA CHO

The best part is the terrace. Dani Brasserie may just have the most impressive rooftop views in the heart of Madrid. From the rooftop, you’ll be eye-level with many of the most storied buildings in the city: from the beautiful bronze tower of Palacio de la Equitativa—the former Credit Bank of Spain, in which the Four Seasons is housed—to the bronze horses and carriages standing guard atop the old Banco de Bilbao to the majestic dome of Almudena Cathedral next to the Palacio Real. You can catch 360-degree views from the beating heart of Madrid; straight down the bustling cross streets of Calle Alcala and Calle de Sevilla, all the way to Puerta del Sol.

Dani Brasserie
Eye level view of Madrid’s most historic buildings. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Chef Dani Garcia is a celebrity chef who’s a household name throughout Spain. He’s renowned for recreating his native Andalusian gastronomy to his ever-growing collection of high-end restaurants throughout Spain. As expected, Chef Garcia brings nothing less than gastronomic excellence to Dani Brasserie at Four Seasons Madrid. Whether you’re popping in after an afternoon shopping spree or tucking in for a gourmet dinner, Dani Brasserie’s all-day lunch and dinner menu includes all the classic hits you want to enjoy a fabulous fine dining experience.

Lounge bar
Main bar

Start off with some Spanish classics from the snack menu like acorn-fed jamon ibérico from Cinco Jotas, croquetas de jamon ibérico or green gazpacho with nitro tomatoes. There are also incredibly fresh natural oysters for the classy set or Robuchon-style prawns which are crispy and wrapped in brick pastry with pesto. The main menu offers your pick of Spain’s most prized gastronomic ingredients. You can get the National Blue Grilled Lobster, which comes tender and juicy and drizzled in buttery beurre blanc. There’s a Sole Wellington for two with mushroom-stuffed sole and truffle. Not to mention, you have your pick of premium Ribeye, T-Bone, Entrecote and Chuleton for the meat lovers. For something on the more creative side, you can try Dani Brasserie’s soft, runny tortilla española made with Basque txangurro spider crab, or the Oxtail Ravioli with chestnut puree.

Blue national lobster with berre blanc Dani Brasserie
Blue national lobster with berre blanc. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Blue National Lobster
Blue National Lobster. PHOTO NADIA CHO
carpacchio with shaved foie
carpacchio with shaved foie. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Chocolate Gianduja Dani Brasserie
Chocolate Gianduja. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Whenever you want to treat yourself to a lavish meal or cocktail that’s executed to the nines, Dani Brasserie at Four Seasons Madrid is easily accessible just steps from Puerta del Sol. Chef Dani Garcia’s gourmet Andalucian cuisine beckons and awaits high above the rooftops in the heart of Madrid.

The glittering gold oval bar, hanging with lush foliage, is the centerpiece of the room. This opulent bar should look familiar from a scene in the smash hit Netflix show, La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist, in which Berlin destroys said bar in question in a heartbroken rage. Dani Brasserie’s dining room bar, as well as the lounge bar at the entrance, are great for cocktails at any time, day or night. Our favorite signature cocktails at the bar include la Luz, which is a perfect balance of floral and bitter featuring Martini Rubino, Bonanto and rosemary. And you absolutely must try the Barbate, a bubbly number with Roku gin, yuzu and sparkling sake, which will make your tastebuds tingle to the very last drop.

Oysters and Barbarte cocktail
Oysters and Barbarte cocktail. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Luz cocktail on Terrace
Luz cocktail on Terrace. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Rooftop views of Calle Sevilla
Rooftop views of Calle Sevilla. PHOTO NADIA CHO
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