Top Restaurants In Edinburgh Serving Scotland’s Natural Larder

So much more than haggis!

Edinburgh might be known for art and literature, but the food scene is just as thought provoking. Or better yet, multiculturally traditional. If that makes no sense to you, then let’s take Scotland’s natural larder of game, diary, fish and vegetables for example. The Scots way of cooking them, banking on simplicity has been shared with wider regions of Great Britain and Europe. Much of it has been infused from migration, but sticking to traditions is still exuded from many of Edinburgh’s top restaurants. Here they are…


10 Lady Lawson St, Edinburgh EH3 9DS, United Kingdom (map, website)

Vibe: Unpretentious gastronomy.

Price: 4-course menu £55, 8-course menu £75. Add £35 or £65 for wine pairing.

PHOTO Timberyard

Timberyard top every list of best restaurants in Edinburgh not only because it focuses on naturally sourced ingredients that are truly fresh, it’s also a fine dining experience that’s traditional and humble. Indulging a meal in a former warehouse, one doesn’t feel intimidated by the gastronomic style. There’s a sense of Nordic/Scandinavian influence to its dishes, but the Scottish larder remains to take center stage.


3 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AB, UK (map, website)

Vibe: Stylish fine dining.

Price: 2-course lunches starting at £28 on weekdays, 3-course dinner menu £55.


Led by Michelin Star chef Paul Kitching, 21212 is another culinary refinement to leave you satiated yet wanting for more. The weekly-changing menu is untraditional with a choice of two appetizers, then an interim course and two main course choices, followed by another interim course with a sweet finish of two dessert options. 21212 sources ingredients locally with well-known industry suppliers including: Armstrongs of Stockbridge and George Campbell & Sons.


267 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BQ, UK (map, website)

Vibe: Informal yet refined.

Price: Lunch 2-course menu £14.75 or 3-course lunch for £18.75. 3-course dinner menu £50.

Wedgwood the Restaurant
FACEBOOK Wedgwood the Restaurant

Right off of the touristic Royal Mile, Wedgewood distinguishes itself from any other cliche tourist traps. Craving for haggis? You’ll get it here, along with tatties and leek bread pudding. Chef Paul Wedgwood emphasizes on the essence of raw ingredients and foraged foods that make up a menu which alters daily to reflect upon the changing seasons. The eclectic restaurant is known for its bubbly concept: Deciding Time, when you can’t decide what to order from the menu, don’t be surprised if you’re accompanied by a glass of champagne!

Edinburgh Larder

15 Blackfriars St, Edinburgh EH1 1NB, UK (map, website)

Vibe: Adorable and artisanal.

Price: Less than £10.

The Edinburgh Larder
FACEBOOK The Edinburgh Larder

For the best Sunday brunch, you’ve gotta come to Edinburgh Larder. This cozy and sweet cafe is a fantastic place to indulge in seasonal and locally sourced food that’s healthy and yummy. Porridge, homemade granola are paired with artisan coffee roasted by Williams & Johnson in Edinburgh. If you prefer tea, they serve blends by Edinburgh-based brand Eteaket. You know if the people serving you food are lovers of baking and cooking, you’re at the right place!

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