4 Easy & Romantic Must-Do’s In Lagos For Couples

Lagos is known for incredible caves and beaches.

PHOTO Anastasia Vazquez

Not only that, Lagos waterfront is home to a famous Maritime Fortress and has an outstanding sunset view. Here are the top beaches and things to do while in Lagos.

1. Grutas Cave tours.

This should be the number one thing anyone does in Lagos! These cave tours will leave you absolutely speechless. These tours can only be done on a speed boat, BOTE paddle board or kayak because these smaller surfaces allow you to maneuver through the caves. Majority of the tours cost 20 to 40 Euros depending on the one you select. Small tip, if you want to pay cheaper, visit the tour stands that are out on the waterfront.

2. Explore the beaches.

  • Praia da Batata 8600-513 Lagos, Portugal.
  • Praia dos Estudantes 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal.
  • Dona Ana, 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal.
  • Praia do Pinhão Rua José Formosinho Portugal, R. José Formosinho, 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal.

The top four beaches you should definitely go to are Praia dos Estudantes – the beautiful beach with an arch. Praia da Dona Ana the most beautiful beach in the world, meanwhile Praia do Pinhão has the crystal clear water. Last but not least, Praia da Batata has a bar. These magical beaches all have character, views, long staircases to the caves. Beware, the water is ice cold but such it sparkles in such a vibrant color that you just have to go in! Fun fact: all these beaches are within walking distance from each other so if you start at Praia da Batata, you can finish with Praia da Dona Ana!

3. Watch the sunset on Praia da Batata.

Watching the sun go down in Lagos is absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the sun turn into the moon right above the ocean is unbelievable. If you have a chance, grab a beach blanket, head to Praia da Batata around 7:30pm/7:45pm and just slowly watch the sun descend with your friend, significant other, or family member. You will not regret it.

4. Forte da Ponta da Bandeira.

This is a beautiful reserved 17th-centeruy maritime fortress on the beachfront. The fortress was built for protection during the 1600s because the coast was regularly under attack by the Spanish during the Portuguese Restoration War. Now it is a museum with historical facts and discoveries of that time period. It costs 1.50 Euros to take a tour and see the magical views of the sea and city. With its enchanted disguise, you would have never guessed it was used for military purposes!

Anastasia Vazquez


Anastasia loves exploring the world, animals, reading books, writing, fashion, and laying on a beach on a hot summer day. She has explored most of the United States, some European and many Caribbean countries. She loves being in new places, trying authentic food, talking to locals, and living in the moment.

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