The Different Options For Accommodation In Malta

Malta is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Malta Solana

Every year thousands of people flock the beaches to enjoy the sunshine. Some tourists stay here for weeks to make sure their trip is worthwhile. Do you have similar plans when you visit Malta? Well, the city has enough attractions to make you stay for months. But, if you don’t have so much time, you should stick to your plan of spending a few weeks here.

Accommodation in Malta

Much before you book your flight tickets, you need to keep an eye on the accommodation options in Malta. Hotels and inns get filled up very quickly from June to August. That’s the peak season for tourists here. So, you need to make decisions quickly about which places to visit and where to stay. There are several accommodation options in Malta that you can search for. Some of them are given below:

Self-catering accommodation

Want to live luxuriously in Malta with no housekeeping to disturb you in the morning? A self-catering accommodation will be the perfect choice for your stay here. This type of accommodation is growing in popularity ever since people started coming to Malta in thousands. You get to prepare your own food, come and go whenever you want, and there are no other people to disturb you in your apartment. Most importantly, these accommodation facilities are more spacious than hotel rooms.

If you rented a similar sized hotel room, you would have to spend a fortune every night. That is why self-catering accommodation is suitable for many who want to travel within a small budget, but don’t want to compromise on luxurious living. The advantage of self-catering accommodation is you have different options depending on your budget. You get homely apartments, guesthouses, and even luxury condos.

Many travel agent sites provide this type of accommodation apart from hotels and inns. This is also beneficial for those who are traveling in big groups or have an extended family visiting Malta. You can all stay together without spending a lot.


When it comes to staying within a dirt-cheap budget, hostels provide appropriate accommodation to visitors. These are the most popular option because of their price. Budget travelers and backpackers wait for months to book hostels in Malta. Fortunately, the number of hostels is growing in the city to accommodate more people. They provide a comfortable stay at a very reasonable price.

If you are searching for hostels in Malta, check around St. Julian’s and Sliema. These two places have most of the hostels here. So, if you stop by these places during your stay, don’t forget to book your beds in nearby hostels.


For those traveling with their families and want to stay in conventional hotels, there are plenty of options for you. Malta has a wide number of hotels located in prime tourist destinations, such as Qawra, St. Julian’s, Buġibba, Valletta, Mellieħa, Sliema, and St. Paul’s Bay. You can choose the hotels depending on your budget. Since there’s plenty to choose, you may get a confirm booking even after landing.

Places like Birgu and Valletta, the two historically significant locations, have a lot of boutique hotels around. They are slightly more expensive because of their location. You will find these hotels inside refurbished historical buildings. Hence, the high costs. But, if you love history and want to stay in one of the places that experienced a lot of important events in the past, you should hire one of these hotel rooms. Some of them are also available as self-catering accommodation facilities.

On the other hand, if you are searching for budget hotels, you should ideally search around Qawra or Buġibba. They have incredible locations for the hotels, and they don’t cost a lot. But, you need to book them early as hundreds of people want to stay in similar hotels.


Those who have plenty to spend on vacations, villas provide the utmost luxury you can think of. Malta has some stunning views, and the villas are located in prime spots to help you enjoy those views better. Imagine overseeing the beach and the endless sea right from your swimming pool. You soak up the sun as you sip lemonade. Most people wouldn’t want to come out of the villas because of the high-end luxury.

Gozo has some incredible farmhouses that provide unforgettable views of the scenery around. Although farmhouses may not sound luxurious as villas, they certainly have all the traits that can match the luxury that these accommodation facilities offer. If luxurious living is on your mind, don’t skip the villas and farmhouses in Malta.

With so many different accommodation facilities, you won’t have a difficult time booking your stay. Be the early bird and confirm your booking as early as possible. If you want someone for you to arrange your holiday check out Choice Holidays guide to Malta all inclusive.

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