Transportation Tips! Best Ways To Get In & Around Malta

“We drive on the shady side of the road.”

Tip! Malta is famous for its heavy traffic. Especially during rush hour, expect to calculate an extra 30 minutes from point A to B. The island is small, but cars are prevalent.

The best thing about traveling in Malta is the short distance between areas and sites, due to the fact that Malta is relatively small in size. Getting around Malta is easy and inexpensive.


There’s one airport on Malta island, and heliports on the other two small islands. Malta International Airport (MLA) is the one you’ll most likely fly into and it’s very small.


From the airport, it may range from €20-€35 to reach your hotel/city center, depending on whether it’s in Valletta €20 or Ċirkewwa €35. Once you arrive inside the capital, Valletta, there are electric-powered eco-friendly Smart Cabs that cost €5 for three people.

Taxis in Malta are white and they’re typically Mercedes. Drivers are required to turn on the meter when clients are in the car. Black taxis are cheaper than the white taxis because they’re usually owned by private companies. Most tourist areas will have taxi lines, and you’ll easily spot them at the airport and ports. Your hotel can easily call one for you.

Ride-sharing apps to download: eCabs, and HiCabs.

Ferries & water taxis:

Water taxi is a quick and beautiful option to travel between cities along the Grand Harbour, especially if you want to snap photos along the waterfront. For family travelers, children will love this mode of transportation for merely €1.00 one way. The duration between Valletta and Sliema, for example, is only 10 minutes with boats leaving every 15 minutes.

In order to visit Comino and Gozo islands, you’ll need to take the ferry. Standard fee is approximately €4.65, but check various websites for price comparison.

Rent a car:

If you’d like to rent a car in Malta, the first thing you need to know is that, they drive on the left side of the road. But renting a car might be the best option if you prefer to travel freely. Most signs are in English and Maltese, thus they’re easy to understand for English-speakers. International driver’s license can be used in Malta, and make sure you’re a patient driver during heavy traffic.


The Malta Public Transport bus can get you anywhere between 5:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. For budget travelers, this is the least expensive way to get around Malta with 80+ bus routes for €1.50 (winter,) €2 (summer,) or €3.50 (night service.) These are single journey tickets that can be used for any destination within two hours.

You can buy tickets from the bus driver on all buses. Or you can also get Tallinja Cards which are different types of bus cards with added value and reduced fares that cater to your travel needs.


On either Gozo or Comino, each island is so small that you can easily walk anywhere. On Malta island, however, you can walk within areas if you’re spending a day in Valletta, or Sliema. If you’re moving between different areas, it’s still better to taxi or bus.


There are no metro or underground trains on any of the three islands.

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