6 Amazing Must-Do’s In Favignana, Sicily

Favignana is an island gem off the coast of Sicily that will have you questioning whether you’re in the Maldives or in Italy.

This stunning Aegadian Island is known for impossibly bright aqua waters, unique tuff caves and centuries old tuna fisheries which continue to catch some of the most delicious tuna in the world. Just a quick ferry ride from the Sicilian port of Trapani, Favignana is a fantastic destination for any jetsetting beach lover. Here are our 6 favorite must-do’s in Favignana to enjoy the ultimate Italian island vacation!

Explore Cala Rossa, Favignana’s Most Famous Beach.

Cala Rossa waters Nadia

Cala Rossa is THAT beach which you see in all the photos and brochures promoting Favignana. The one that put this sparkling little Egadi Island on the map. It’s that beach which was featured on the cover of National Geographic: that picture-perfect slice of sea which made you want to travel there in the first place.

Cala Rossa is a bit of paradise, where the waters touching the cove are the most impossible shade of electric aqua. The water is impossibly clear and typically very calm so it’s great to swim and float around in. Tranquil yachts float just beyond on the shore. The curving cove is made up of tuff rock formations where you can set down your towels among cozy nooks and crannies (although because it’s so rocky it’s not always the most comfortable place to set up camp). As Favignana’s most famous beach, Cala Rossa is a place where everyone should spend a day swimming, sunbathing and watching the sunset on the electric blue horizon.

Cala Rossa
Cala Rossa tuff rocks
Cala Rossa tuff rocks. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Chill Beach Day at Cala Azzura. 

Cala Azzura is the second most popular beach on the island. Cala Azzura also boasts the same electric aqua water which Favignana is known for. It’s a beautiful little beach that’s great for swimming and chilling.

Cala Azzura has a small area with sand at the entrance of the beach, and the rest is made up of rocks along the water. There are more waves at Cala Azzura than at Cala Rossa, but it’s still gentle enough to have a nice swim. Cala Azzura isn’t the biggest beach by any means, so on a day when it’s very crowded, it’s not the easiest to find a place to set up camp.

Cala Azzura
Cala Azzura beach
Cala Azzura beach. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Cala Azzura

Explore the Tuff Caves and Sparkling Waters of Scalo Cavallo.

Scalo Cavallo is a lesser-known site at the northern tip of Favignana. The area doesn’t get as many visitors as Cala Azzura or Cala Rossa, but Cala Cavallo is just as beautiful. Shimmering turquoise waters extend as far as the eye can see. There are pockets of coves that are easy to walk out to and perfect for swimming. These pockets with easy entry into the water make Cala Cavallo a great place for snorkeling.

Right above the coves there are extensive tuff caves which you can explore. Tuff rocks are an abundant resource in Favignana. All around the island, there are rectangular caves where quarry workers dug out tuff rocks in straight square blocks. The rocks at Scalo Cavallo are ancient. Even with the man-made formation of the caves, there’s an element of wonder and mystery. You can easily walk from one end to the other through the tuff caves, both exits lead out to the sea. Scalo Cavallo is the most beautiful place to explore Favignana’s native tuff caves then go for a swim in the delicious waters afterward.

Tuff Caves Inside
Tuff Caves Inside. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Tuff caves by sea
Tuff caves by sea. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Tuff cave entrance
Tuff cave entrance. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Enjoy an Italian Seaside Charm at Lido Burrone.

Lido Burrone is the most popular sand beach in Favignana that’s not a cala. Lido Burrone oozes whimsical seaside charm and looks like a vintage Italian postcard. Bright popsicle-colored umbrellas pop against the soft white sand. The shallow water is impossibly clear, with a light turquoise-green hue. It’s on the way to Cala Azzura and Cala Rossa so it’s an easy stopover to and from either cala.

As the most well-known sand beach on the island, it’s not surprising that almost every inch of the lido is teeming with beachgoers. However, there’s enough water by the shore to go around and the lively crowds are a typical part of any authentic Italian beach day. Plus, you can’t blame fellow beachgoers for wanting to float in the clear shallow waters of the lido which are very relaxing and easy to swim in. When you want a break from the jagged, rocky calas, Lido Burrone is a godsend and the most picturesque Italian beachside scenery to melt into.

Lido Burrone beach
Lido Burrone beach. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Lido Burrone umbrellas
Lido Burrone umbrellas. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Lido Burrone

Eat as much of Favignana’s Famous Tonno (Tuna) as possible. 

The Egadi Islands are famous for bluefin tuna fishing and Favignana was primarily known as a fishing village for tuna for much of its history. This is thanks to the Tonnara di Favignana, which was the largest tuna fishing plant in the Mediterranean and has since been converted into a museum open to visitors. You can still eat this world-famous tuna wherever you go on the island. And you should eat as much of tonno di Favignana as you can while you’re there, as it’s truly some of the finest and most deliciously prepared tuna you’ll ever have.

Tuna kebab

A great way to eat tonno di Favignana is in kebab form, specifically from a fabulous food truck called Tuna Fish on the way to Bue Marino beach. Tuna Fish is a fantastic food truck and one of the best-known on the island for its appetizing menu of snacks and sandwiches, plus handy location on the way to Cala Rossa and/or Bue Marino. Of course, the tuna kebab is the most popular option which comes on a bun topped with grilled tuna, tomatoes plus salad with vinaigrette. The truck’s fried octopus kebab is another highly sought-after menu item.

You can also order tonno di Favignana prepared in many different forms on infinite dishes in most of the restaurants on the island. Whether you order a tuna steak with pistachio pesto or pasta with tonno and tomato sauce, get ready to gorge yourself on Favignana’s world-famous tuna during your vacay!

Tuna seafood pasta
Tuna seafood pasta. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Tuna steak with pistachio pesto
Tuna steak with pistachio pesto. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Lounge on the Tuff Cave Beach at Bue Marino. 

Bue Marino isn’t a beach in the traditional sense of the world. It’s a large formation of tuff caves on the water on the southeastern coast of the island. However, the floor of the tuff rocks is flat, so Bue Marino is very comfortable for beachgoers who want to lie down and lounge next to the water. You can even set up camp inside one of the tuff caves, which is shady and cool and makes you feel like you’re in Indiana Jones.

Bue Marino Beach
Bue Marino Beach. PHOTO NADIA CHO

There’s a spot where the rocks slope down into the water where you can easily enter the water. The water is deep and glistens in a gorgeous shade of cerulean blue. It’s also clear enough that you can see the rich marine life living on the reef. While it’s not as well-known as Cala Rossa or Cala Azzura, Bue Marino really is one of the most beautiful—and comfortable—beaches on the island. The tuff rock caves next to the water make it one of the most unique beaches that you’ll ever see!

Bue Marino tuff cave beach
Bue Marino tuff cave beach. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Bue Marino
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