10 Delicious German Street Foods In Berlin!

German cuisine is more than just brats and pretzels, especially in Berlin where grunge and multiculturalism create a delicious mix of varied, affordable street food.

 Germany street food
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Almost anything you eat on-the-go in the streets of Berlin will be fast, cheap and extremely tasty. So whether it’s an iced mate tea you drink on the way to the club or a kebab at 5 a.m. you wolf down afterward, be sure to try all 10 of these delicious German street foods offered 24 hours a day throughout Berlin.

1. Bratwurst with sauerkraut and potatoes

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Welcome yourself to Berlin with a German classic of delicious bratwurst with or without beer sauce accompanied by sauerkraut and potatoes. This dish can be found in fancier sit-down restaurants with roasted potatoes or in any old food stand on the street with French fries.

2. Doner kebab with chicken and/or halumi

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After you eat one of these mind-blowing, authentic Turkish kebabs in Berlin, it will break your heart to eat a kebab anywhere else in Europe (except for Turkey, obviously). The most popular Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap stand on Mehringdamm 32 puts roasted onions, potatoes and peppers along with fresh tomatoes lettuce and onions, topped with 3 different sauces. Trust me when I say that the wait in line is absolutely worth the heavenly opportunity to eat one of these kebabs.

If you are a vegetarian, skip the usual falafel and go for the halumi, which is delicious fried cheese put in kebabs instead of meat, with or without falafel.

3. Currywurst

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Currywurst is like a regular hot dog but topped with a sweet, tangy sauce and some spices which tastes even more delicious than it looks. I bought mine at a small food stand next to the East Side Gallery and it was still really good but the most popular stop for currywurst is Curry 36 which has 2 locations. The Curry 36 on Mehringdamm is right next to Mustafa’s Kebap stand so good luck trying to decide what to eat as both places have lines that sprawl down the street.

4. Club Mate


Iced mate tea is the most brilliant thing to happen to clubbers since Chucks shoes for dancing. It is a slightly sweetened fizzy iced tea made with mate, the tea leaf from South America which is rich in caffeine. Just drinking half a bottle will make you feel wired and it’s so much yummier than drinking gross energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster. Club Mate and other brands are sold at the club or in convenience stores for around 2.50 euros for a liter bottle and many clubbers go for the Power Mate served at bars, which is Club Mate with vodka added in.

Want to look like a native Berliner? Have a Club Mate in your hand and drink it as you walk around the streets or take the metro at night to amp yourself up for a long night at the club.

5. Bread

German bread
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Nobody ever told me this before, but my God is German bread delicious. Baked goods in Germany are soft, rich and heavenly. The croissants are to die for. There are many bakeries around Berlin with treats galore such as pastries stuffed with sausages, cheese, chocolate or cream.

Everyone must try the rye bread, made in personal breadmakers at home by many Germans, which has a smooth, almost creamy texture with the delicious flavors of grains and nuts. Slices of German rye with butter, cheese and/or ham is the best way to start the day.

6. Kinder Country

Kinder bars
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Kinder is one of the best things to come out of Germany and my personal favorite Kinder product is Kinder Country. Kinder Country is like a Germany Crunch bar with crispy rice drizzled in chocolate with sweet cream filling in between. A box of these babies is the best gift to take for someone back home—or for yourself—along with any other Kinder goodies that will remind you of your sweet memories in Germany.

7. Berliner Luft and or Berliner Weisse

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Berliner Luft is a shot of fresh air that tastes like peppermint Schnapps and Berliner Weisse is wheat beer that is brewed in Berlin. My local friend at the club wanted me to try something that is authentic to Berlin so she ordered me a shot of Berliner Luft which is very refreshing after a few hours of nonstop dancing.

8. Ethnic foods

Berlin restaurant

As a multicultural and international mecca, Berlin has a lot of delicious, authentic ethnic food. Asian food is readily available on the street as you come across Chinese and Vietnamese fast food restaurants where you can sit in for a quick eat or take it to go. In Berlin there is also Thai, Korean, Indian, Pakistani and basically any other cuisine you can think of where you can have a filling meal for an affordable price. Check out Kreuzberg for many of these trendy, affordable ethnic restaurants.

9. Coffee

Berlin Germany coffee
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Just as they know how to make bread, Germans certainly know how to brew good coffee. For Americans who are tired of only drinking espresso drinks in most European countries, thankfully there is lots of aromatic and delicious drip coffee in Germany—the kind that comes in to-go paper cups that you can walk around with, because secretly many of us really miss 16-ounce coffee cups back home. Of course espresso coffee drinks taste really great as well so don’t miss any opportunities to have a nice cup of joe in Berlin’s chic, hipster cafés.

10. Brunch

Berlin Germany brunch
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Speaking of chic and hipster, German brunch is a favorite pastime in Berlin, as it should be in any hip, trendy city so if you can manage to get yourself out of bed by early afternoon brunch is a must! Although brunch is definitely more of a sit-in type meal than street food, this means you will get a gorgeous buffet or spread of cured cold cuts, cheese, boiled eggs, fruits, pastries and coffee. Check out the many German cafés and restaurants around Mitte and Kreuzberg for an amazing awakening to any day.

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