12 Of The Most Beautiful Restaurants In Paris

Get dressed up and enjoy a fun night out with glamorous food, drinks, and decor.

most beautiful restaurants in paris
FACEBOOK Restaurant Le Train Bleu Paris

Paris is home to some seriously eye-catching restaurants you won’t want to miss on your next trip. If you’re looking for a dazzling dining experience, check out these 12 chic eateries in the City of Light.

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Le Train Bleu

Paris Gare de Lyon (Doublon), Pl. Louis-Armand hall 1, 75012 Paris, France

Built for the World’s Fair in 1900, Le Train Bleu is famously located in the Gare de Lyon. This certified historical monument has 41 Art Nouveau paintings depicting routes of the train network on display to admire while you dine. The iconic and luxurious restaurant was beloved by countless celebrities from Coco Chanel to Brigitte Bardot back in the day. For a truly one-of-a-kind meal, dine under the impressive vaulted ceilings and Belle Époque chandeliers of Le Train Bleu.

Ornate decor in Le Train Bleu
Ornate decor in Le Train Bleu. Photo by restaurantletrainbleu on Instagram

Le Beefbar

5 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris, France

Le Beefbar opened in 2018 in the former Fermette Marbeuf restaurant, which had been walled since World War II. The space was completely restored to create an incredibly stylish interior, toeing the line of history and modernity. The restaurant specializes in Black Angus, wagyu, and Kobe beef, all with the highest praise from those who have tried them. Consider ordering the Beefbar trifecta: steak of your choosing, deliciously creamy mashed potatoes, and a decadent chocolate souffle to end the unforgettably classy night.

Atrium room in Le Beefbar
Atrium room in Le Beefbar. Photo by beefbar_paris on Instagram

Cristal Room Baccarat

11 Pl. des États-Unis, 75116 Paris, France

Inside the dining room of Marie-Laure de Noailles’ former residence is Cristal Room Baccarat: a restaurant featuring classic French cuisine on Baccarat crystal tableware. The original designs of the home have been maintained, featuring exposed brick walls and stunning crystal chandeliers. Between the signature cocktails served in the finest crystalline glasses and the bar wall made of 576 crystal tiles, Cristal Room Baccarat spares no expense for an evening of splendor in Paris.

Classy interior of Cristal Room Baccarat
Classy interior of Cristal Room Baccarat. Photo by xavierschallebaum on Instagram

Dragons Élysées

11 Rue de Berri, 75008 Paris, France

Dragons Élysées is a classic Chinese and Thai fusion restaurant with a unique aquarium floor full of beautiful koi fish. Flowing water, nostalgic retro decor, and authentic Chinese and Thai flavors make this dining experience an absolute novelty. Dragons Élysées is definitely a hit if you’re traveling with children, but anyone can appreciate the otherworldly atmosphere the restaurant has cultivated.

Unique decor of Dragons Elysées
Unique decor of Dragons Elysées. Photo by dragonselyees on Instagram


Palais Garnier, 1 Pl. Jacques Rouché, 75009 Paris, France

Located in the Opéra Garnier lies Coco, an effortlessly chic Art Deco restaurant with an ever-evolving seasonal menu. Dine inside to enjoy the 19th century architecture featuring indoor palm trees and carpet inspired by the Opéra’s wallpaper, or opt for the terrace outside if the weather permits. A full French brunch is also served every weekend for a trendy time with friends.

Inside Coco
Inside Coco. Photo by coco_palaisgarnier on Instagram

La Felicita

5 Parv. Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France

La Felicita holds the title for the largest restaurant in Europe, at a whopping 25,000 square feet and holding a capacity of 4,000 people. Unlike traditional restaurants, however, this is more of a food hall with many different stalls to order from. Choices range from pizza to seafood, plus countless bars for signature cocktails. The space is often host to events such as live DJ sets, art expos, and film screenings. La Felicita is the ideal summer spot, complete with street art and fairy lights making it an Insta-worthy meal indeed.

Eclectic decor at La Felicita
Eclectic decor at La Felicita. Photo by marine_hlgr on Instagram


46-48 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris, France

Combination restaurant and club, Pachamama is housed in a 19th century building designed by Gustave Eiffel himself. The restaurant, La Cantina, boasts a South American cuisine inspired menu and seats with a view of the sprawling dance floor below. Despite the live DJs and large crowds, the club and bar area maintain an exclusive speakeasy vibe with antique decor and inconspicuous lighting. Whether dining or dancing, a night at Pachamama isn’t one to forget.

Classy interior of Pachamama
Classy interior of Pachamama. Photo by Pachamama Facebook

La Coupole

102 Bd du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France

American-style brasserie La Coupole has been host to an impressive lineup of creatives since it opened in 1927. The Art Deco style brasserie was a meeting place for regulars like Picasso and Sartre during the jazz age, featuring columns painted by students of Matisse. Seafood is the specialty here, but lamb curry has been a menu staple for years. If you venture down to the bar on the basement level where the old dancing rooms used to be, don’t forget to check out the innovative cocktails like Simone B, featuring violet syrup and egg whites.

Interior of La Coupole
Interior of La Coupole. Photo by la_coupole_paris on Instagram

Café Jacquemart-André

158 Bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris, France

Café Jacquemart-André is located in the dining room of the 19th century home that also houses the Jacquemart-André Museum, featuring a private collection of Flemish and Italian artwork. Many consider this to be the most beautiful tearoom in Paris, with 18th century tapestries, crystal chandeliers, and a Tiepolo fresco on the ceiling. The patio also offers picturesque views of the surrounding city. As for the menu, a selection of light bites are available, including pastries from famous pâtisseries throughout the city.

Tea and cake at Café Jacquemart-André
Tea and cake at Café Jacquemart-André. Photo by happyyufishting on Instagram

Maxim’s de Paris

3 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

Opened in 1893, Maxim’s de Paris has been a landmark of French gastronomy for over 100 years. The restaurant was a celebrity hotspot from the very beginning, hosting international stars from Greta Garbo to Lady Gaga, among countless others. Dining here is like traveling back in time, an homage to both Art Deco and Belle Époque. A museum has also been created on the premises to showcase this one-of-a-kind restaurant steeped in history for those that may not have time to dine there.

Inside Maxim’s de Paris
Inside Maxim’s de Paris. Photo by Maxim’s de Paris Facebook


1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris, France

Bar and restaurant Kong opened in 2003 on the 5th floor of the Haussmann building. Often described as a “UFO hovering over Paris,” the floor to ceiling windows offer spectacular 360-degree views of the Left Bank. The restaurant is both chic and kitschy in the best way, featuring Japanese pop art and bright colors at every turn. The menu combines French and Japanese cuisines for a unique and delicious meal, complete with fun signature cocktails to enjoy.

Breathtaking views at Kong
Breathtaking views at Kong. Photo by kongparis on Instagram

The Ice Kube Bar

5 Pass. Ruelle, 75018 Paris, France

The only bar of its kind in Paris, Ice Kube Bar is located inside of the KUBE hotel and is made entirely of ice – 20 tons to be exact. The design changes every winter, but you’re always guaranteed to see some truly impressive ice sculptures under lighting not unlike the aurora borealis. Gloves and coats are provided upon entry and trust us, you’ll need them –  it’s -20 degrees Celsius! During the 30 minutes you’re allotted in the bar, you’ll be served 3 vodka-based house cocktails (nonalcoholic if you so choose) to sip while you revel in the utter uniqueness of this icy bar.

Frosty vibes at Ice Kube Bar
Frosty vibes at Ice Kube Bar. Photo by kubehotelparis on Instagram
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