The Best Activities That Croatia Has To Offer To Its Tourists

Most of us plan on visiting places like London and Barcelona when in Europe. These loud cities are vibrant with life, food, festivals, ambulant artists, and of course tourists.

Komiza, Croatia
Komiza, Croatia. UNSPLASH Miha Arh

If you’re looking for agitation and compressed energy, then these main locations are definitely for you. But, if you’re more of the timid discoverer type that likes to find unique and unexplored places, Croatia is the place to go.

Granted, Croatia has its fair share of famous sites. Everyone and their cousin have heard of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

It’s a definite hotspot for tourists, but a recent influx of travelers has made this European capital a bit undesirable because of the tourist congestion. Read below to find some of the more hidden gems Croatia has to offer together with the best activities you can engage in while on vacation.

Geographical and Historical Facts About Croatia

The Republic of Croatia has a coastline on the Adriatic sea. It is situated at the meeting point between Southern and Central Europe. Many a tradespeople have crossed this land and the country has seen many different forms of government over the years.

From a Duchy, Croatia became a Kingdom, then a Socialist Republic, and is now a sovereign state. Its biodiversity is one of the most marvelous you can find in Europe today.

It neighbors Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and has a share of the Adriatic Sea with Italy. From here you cannot quickly pop over country lines and visit any of its neighbors or even go for a Catamaran Charter in Croatia, and visit all the tiny islands that grace the Adriatic Sea.

Krapina is Croatia’s most famous archeological site as proof of Paleolithic Neanderthals were discovered here. The area was populated by Greeks, Slavs, Iranians, and other smaller nations and this led to the country’s rather Confucius ethnogenetic development.

In other words, no one has yet been able to pinpoint what groups eventually pulled together to become the Croatian nation we see today. The country holds four major geographical regions: Mediteranean, Alpine with Gorski Kotar and Lika, the Pannonnian Basin, and the Continental biogeography to the northeast.

Best Places with Fun Activities in Croatia

Its rich culture, biodiversity, geographical mix, and historical background make Croatia one of the most beautiful and most entertaining countries to visit in Europe. Here are three of the most fun activities you can enjoy while traveling through Croatia.

Sightseeing and Boating in Dubrovnik

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik presents many enjoyable activities and gorgeous seaside sunsets. You can start by walking the two kilometers long medieval defensive walls surrounding the Old Town area.

Pile Gate, erected in 1537, is somewhat of a beacon for Dubrovnik and quite an imposing structure seen as you enter the city. The height of the medieval walls allows a wonderful view of the city with photo-worthy landscapes and the Adriatic sea magnificently spread out in front of you.

For tourists keen on riding some waves, renting a yacht charter from Dubrovnik will provide the proper initiation into the adventuresome activities you can be part of in Croatia.

Concerts and Ruins in Split

Split is second in size to Zagreb, and was settled by Romans. The Roman Emperor Diocletian built what is now called Diocletia’s Palace, overlooking the Adriatic sea.

The palace was initially projected as a fortress and has four main gates, one of which opens directly on the water. The other three are land-based.

The Roman Emperor would usually house his personal garrison within the confines of the old fortress, starting with 305AD after the building was finished. The Cathedral of St. Domnius and the arcade-style courtyard are two of the main attractions within the palace walls.

Walking through old town by day you are sure to take part in concerts, fettes, and other events of the sort. By night, it is worth walking along the illuminated ruins and contemplating what kind of life Diocletian might have led here.

Nature Walks and Sightseeing in Plitvice National Park

Temporary home to around one million tourists per year, Plitvice National Park has long been a favored destination for nature lovers. With or without a tour guide (although we recommend a guide to take advantage of the park’s most gorgeous places), this wildlife haven is sure to draw you in with its fantastical waters and lush greenery.

If you’re a fan of trekking, waterfalls, or biking down forested hills, Plitvice National Park is the perfect location for these wonderful activities. The park’s main attraction is the weaved-in pattern that 16 green-blue lakes make with the various waterfalls.

You’ll be able to walk a myriad of footpaths and cross charming wooden bridges that pepper the landscape. The animal diversity here includes wolves and bears, owls, and predator birds like falcons and eagles.

Whether you’re looking to go trekking, biking, yachting, or simply enjoy nature walks, Croatia has it all. From the time-tested medieval walls of Dubrovnik to the enchanting ruins of Split and magnificent ecosystem of Plitvice National Park, Croatia is sure to delight all your senses.

The country is perfect to visit at any age, as sightseeing is one of the favorite pastimes as well as bird watching and even catch and release sports.

If you’re a gourmand, you’ll also discover Croatia’s Mljet lobster dish, Ston oysters, plentiful cheeses varieties, and their traditional Palacinke pancakes. Next time you’re considering going on vacation to Europe, have a focused look at all the wonderful experiences Croatia has to offer.

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