6 Stunning Croatian Islands To Visit

Croatia is home to over a thousand islands. Some of Croatia’s most beautiful islands are popular tourist destinations, while others are abandoned and forgotten.

Croatian islands

Sailing across Croatia’s islands includes typical Venetian settlements with baths, historic bell towers, quaint pubs, medieval fortresses, and some of the Mediterranean’s cleanest water and exquisite beaches.

We highly recommend renting a boat as the best way to explore Croatia’s hidden islands. Discover peaceful coves unreachable from land and bathe at sunset in breathtaking waterfalls. 

But which of these islands are the most beautiful? It’s impossible to narrow it down, but here is our list of the top six stunning Croatian islands to visit.


As if being the sunniest place in Croatia wasn’t enough, Hvar is also well recognized for having some of the nicest beaches in the country. 

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and have no interest in water activities, Uvala Dubovica is the place to be. 

This pebble beach is lovely in its simplicity. Lie in the sun and gaze out at the beautiful azure waves. If you’re traveling with your family, you should spend some time at the gorgeous sandy Grebische beach. Your children will enjoy the soft sands and shallow waters. 


Brač is one of those hidden jewels that may transform an otherwise ordinary vacation into a spectacular one. Despite its size, the island is perfect for those looking for a crowd-free Croatian experience. For starters, you could visit  Zlatni Rat, a beautiful beach near Bol, also known as the Golden Horn.  is frequently cited as one of the most beautiful in Europe, thanks to its shape. 

Its gorgeous shoreline reaches into the Adriatic, a distinguishing feature of Brac Island that should not be overlooked. 

Alternatively, you could visit Supetar, Brač’s largest settlement. This place has the heart of a city and the soul of a tiny town. Everyone knows everyone else, cafe patios serve as open-air living rooms, and drinking coffee is a favorite ritual. This island’s way of life is contagious.

Cres Islands

Cres has a unique setup: the Northern portion of the island is covered with towering rocks and thick oak forests, and it is a natural habitat for a protected bird species, the griffon vulture. 

Because of these traits, the island is an excellent choice for adventure, exploration, and sporting vacations. Tramuntana is the northernmost section of the Cres island. It is sparsely populated and largely made up of forests, rocks, caverns, and pastures. 

It is particularly appealing to travelers that enjoy adventure, hiking, walking, and wildlife. 

Want something more picturesque? Visit Sveti beach, with its clear emerald sea, white gravel on the beach, lush vegetation in the hinterland, and the gorgeous open sea in front. It’s like something out of a fairy tale.

Dugi Otok

This is an untouched and breathtakingly lovely island to enjoy, ideal for relaxing in peace and quiet. This island has many attractive places to visit, and the beaches are rarely crowded. 

If you enjoy walking, the rich foliage and cliffs are great, and if you enjoy exploring the waters, there are many kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing opportunities.  Dugi Otok also has one of Croatia’s best sandy beaches, such as Sakarun, which many have compared to Caribbean beaches, making it a perfect family destination.


When you travel to Croatia you might want to explore and Korcula is the perfect island for that. Korcula Island has a lot of old architecture, especially in the main town. 

The rampart system of Old Towns has been largely preserved. Known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, you may be keen to visit a museum displaying scenes from his life near where many believe he was born. 

Wine drinkers will be happy to know that this place is renowned for its winemaking. You can go wine tasting or buy some wines locally to enjoy in the comfort of your villa while taking in the beautiful scenery. 

Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands are great for anyone interested in discovering what’s beneath the Adriatic Sea’s surface. This cluster of islands is close to one another and is home to a plethora of beaches, coves, and bays where you may stop and enjoy nature or simply take a swim.

Also, if you enjoy sailing the seas, this is an excellent location for some excellent slalom sailing. You will, however, need a ticket to do so. 

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