4 Areas To Enjoy All That HK Has To Offer

Rooftop bars, cocktail lounges, and good old American-style pubs in HK.

Hong Kong Beer.
Hong Kong Beer. Photo: Wendy Hung

1. Lan Kwai Fong

This is the hub of Hong Kong’s nightlife, located in the center of the city. The concentrated central block and surrounding streets become packed on weekends and the whole area becomes pedestrian-only. Expect to see crowds sipping beers outside the two Seven-Eleven stores and dancing “Gangnam Style” before heading to the bars to dance the night away in HK.

Best spots:

Tazmania Ballroom is lounge which will make you feel like you are inside a Tron movie and has ping pong nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tazmania Ballroom

Hotel LKF’s top floor restaurant, Azure (permanently closed) turns into a club later on in the evening with a big dancefloor and view of the city.


Drop is an upscale underground bar known for great music and an interesting mix of people.


2. SoHo

SoHo is named for its location: “South of Hollywood” and it’s just one street up from LKF but a world apart. This is perfect after a day of shopping in less mainstream fashion boutiques, and browsing through unique art galleries in the area. Wander through narrow streets, you’ll see some of Hong Kong’s finest wining and dining options!

Best spots:

Looking for a casual but exclusive vibe? Medusa (permanently closed) is a tiny downstairs bar has a speakeasy feel and good drinks.


Located in the center of SoHo,  Staunton’s is a popular spot to sit outside on the steps while enjoying a bottle of wine with friends right next to the mid-level escalators.


3. Wan Chai

Wan Chai is a tackier alternative in HK to the other areas but offers more laidback venues and is popular on “Wan Chai Wednesdays” when drinks are free for ladies.

Best spot:

Carnegie’s is an American-style spot with music posters and rock memorabilia. The staff encourages patrons to step up and dance on the long bar. It also has locations in Taipei and Perth.


4. Rooftop bars

Located throughout the city, rooftop bars offer incredible views and chilled-out alternatives to the busier bar districts.

Best spots:

From the 118th floor of the International Commerce Center, the super chic Ozone allows you to look down on the flashing lights of Hong Kong below.


The famous Bank of China tower feels close enough from Sevva (permanently closed) as if you can touch it from the deck which has sophisticated couches for lounging and wine tasting!


Anton Walker

Born in Aarau, Switzerland and grew up in San Diego, Anton always goes for a run in a new city - it's the best way to explore and see areas that sight-seeing routes won’t cross. As a huge car person, he always tries to pick up car magazines in different countries that he visits as souvenirs.

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