COMO Metropolitan Bangkok Is THE Zen Urban Getaway We Need

A getaway in a city that’s always loud and buzzing.


Have you ever dreamed of an urban resort in which you can escape city life without actually leaving the city? COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is the perfect Zen getaway in a city that’s always loud and buzzing.

The hotel is quite hard to find as it’s literally hidden behind tall trees and its towering neighbor, the Banyan Tree Hotel. But once you walk onto the grounds, an overpowering sense of quiet and calm washes over you immediately —a sensation which follows you until the end of your stay.

COMO Hotels and Resorts has 13 properties around the world. Each is uniquely curated but all feature the elegant, minimalist luxury and highly personalized service characteristic of the COMO brand. COMO was created by Singaporean businesswoman Christina Ong.


The wonderful Marketing Communications Manager of COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, Pimanong Yunyongkasamsuk, explains Christina Ong’s vision of the brand:

Mrs. Ong created COMO because every time she goes to a city, there’s a hotel that she goes into and it doesn’t really fulfill her desires of what her vision of a hotel should be. So then she created her own hotel chain. COMO is what she thinks hotels should be: minimalistic, clean lines and designs. Just simple, elegant, subtle and not in your face. With a lot of the other brands, it’s really, really pulsating. But with COMO it’s the complete opposite. It’s elegant, it’s luxury but it’s not in your face, as you can see from the hotel’s design. It’s minimalistic living. That’s really the key.

At COMO Metropolitan, it feels like one is staying in a condo rather than a hotel. The décor is nothing but clean lines, sleek and simple. Renowned Singaporean interior designer Kathryn Kng did an impeccable job bringing together utmost minimalism and supreme comfort. The rooms have everything you need without being wasteful, which is relaxing in itself.


There’s a wide selection of room types that guests can choose from. The City and Studio Rooms are the smallest but still provide more space than most standard rooms in other hotels. The deluxe Metropolitan Rooms are ideal for couples and leisure guests. They provide extra lounge space with a table, sofa and teak bench apart from the bed and oversized bathrooms. Executive Suites come with an office and extra bathroom. The two-story penthouse suites are perfect for group getaways such as bachelor parties or friend trips as they feature multiple rooms, large airy lounging spaces and a dining area. And finally the COMO Suite has two bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms, kitchen, office and a larger dining area than the Penthouse Suites.

It’s incredible how quiet and peaceful COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is, considering it’s right in the middle of the busy Sathorn business district. You never forget that you’re in the city due to the sweeping views of surrounding buildings wherever you go. However, you’re somehow completely removed from the hectic hustle and bustle while being in the center of it. Every corner of the hotel from the lobby to the halls are silent, which is nice for couples and individuals looking for a relaxing stay.


Wellness is a vital part of COMO Hotels which follow health and lifestyle regimens prescribed by their sister wellness brand, COMO Shambhala. All rooms are provided with yoga mats and wooden meditation chairs are available for those who wish to meditate. There are complimentary yoga and pilates classes each day. The in-house restaurant, glow, serves fresh, healthy food, and the spa offers unique COMO Shambhala treatments created by Christina Ong herself along with spa experts.

COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is also the home of nahm, the world-renowned Thai restaurant headed by Chef David Thompson. nahm serves authentic Thai cuisine that was served to the royal family. Chef Thompson cooks Thai dishes using ancient recipes in his possession to deliver a gastronomic experience one won’t find anywhere else. nahm places in the 50 Best Restaurants lists every year. It was crowned No. 1 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2014 and No. 22 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants last year.


The swimming pool at COMO Metropolitan Bangkok truly makes the hotel feel like an urban oasis. It’s magical to float in a large, serene pool surrounded on all sides by glossy buildings. Along with the pool, the Met Bar is also a nice place to unwind as it’s chic and sultry, just like its famous counterpart in London.

Visit COMO Metropolitan Bangkok website for an exceptionally relaxing and invigorating stay in the Thai capital.

Photos: Nadia Cho


Nadia Cho

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