Where Was The Netflix’s “The Gray Man” Filmed

See Prague, France, and Croatia from the shadows in Netflix’s The Gray Man.

In this dark, action-packed Netflix drama, a prison inmate turned CIA operative, Six, (Ryan Gosling,) battles the corrupt director of the CIA, Daniel Carmichael, (Rege Jean Page.)

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After discovering a slew of dirty deeds committed in the cover of a government salary and with the full force of his former employers bearing down on him, Six must work between the lines to untangle the web of lies. Lies he once believed without hesitation. Further complicating the task is Lloyd Hansen. Played by Chris Evans, Lloyd is an immoral torturer hired to retrieve the information from Six, by any means necessary. Follow Six as he crosses the world, desperate for three things: safety, freedom, and the truth, clawing his way through all of the filming locations for The Gray Man.


Futurama Business Park

Futurama Business Park
Futurama Business Park. Photo: capturemebykat via Instagram

It would not be an action movie without a scene that immediately draws the audience into rooting for the hero. The Gray Man is no exception. In this case, Six is tasked with eliminating a target at the annual Songkran Water Festival, but there is a child in attendance. Instead of forcing the child into danger, Six uses his surroundings to create a diversion. His surroundings, although the audience is led to believe are Bangkok, are located in downtown Prague. The Futurama Business Park is used as the backdrop for the festival. The park has six buildings, and according to its website, any building can be rented out as an office space. Sadly, there may not be a celebration every time you visit, but there are plenty of amenities offered to the tenants and to the public.

The National Memorial at Vítkov Hill

The National Memorial at Vítkov Hill
The National Memorial at Vítkov Hill. Photo: slena.d via Instagram

The National Memorial at Vítkov Hill in Prague looms in the background as Six’s mentor, Fitzroy, meets Lloyd Hansen for the first time at a funeral. This interaction sets up the new goal for Six: rescue Fitzroy and Fitzroy’s niece, Claire from Lloyd before it is too late. Originally, the National Memorial at Vítkov Hill was commissioned to honor Czechoslovak legionnaires, and the Unknown Soldier. Today, it also serves as part of The National Museum. As the funeral procession disappears inside the memorial, the camera pans up, focusing on the most recognizable exterior  piece, the statue of Jan Žižka. Jan Žižka is the one-eyed hussite warrior and Czech general who stands guard at the entrance to the monument, greeting visitors atop a horse. The National Memorial at Vítkov Hill has become a must-see staple for Prague visitors and will not disappoint history lovers either.

Jan Palach Square

Jan Palach Square
Jan Palach Square. Photo: viaggio_amore via Instagram

Jan Palach Square is showcased in an epic chase between Six and all of the police force within Prague. Jan Palach Square is littered with bullets and the fountain in the center is destroyed in a matter of seconds. In reality, Jan Palach Square is unharmed and the fountain is nonexistent. Jan Palach Square is located in the Old Town of Prague. The Rudolfinum concert and exhibition hall, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University are just a few of the public structures that line the Square, and together make up one of the most significant locations on the cultural map of the city. With Jan Palach Square, there will not be an adrenaline rush because you need to survive, but because you would be experiencing a cultural hotspot in Prague.

Château de Chantilly

Château de Chantilly
Château de Chantilly. Photo: chateauchantilly via Instagram

The climactic battle of The Gray Man occurs in Croatia, at the “headquarters” for corrupt CIA agents working against Six. These “headquarters” are the Chateau de Chantilly. The Chateau de Chantilly is superimposed onto the Croatian coast, when the chateau itself is located in France. According to its website, “The Château de Chantilly is one of the finest jewels in the crown of France’s cultural heritage.” It serves as a vast estate where the public can experience everything from horseback riding to boat riding, with breathtaking views of nature and architecture.

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