What The Great Conjunction Tells Us About The New Year

How will 2021 be any different from 2020?

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If you’re an astronomy and astrology fanatic like me, you’ve definitely heard of the Great Conjunction and how this monumental event brings a shift in energy for 2021. We’ve all had an unexpected year, so the excitement for a new year is carrying far more weight. I’ve been struggling to set my intentions for the new year, with so much uncertainty still clouding my everyday life. But it seems the stars have something special in store for us all. In addition to the great conjunction, angel number 911 could also help signify that a bright future awaits you. By angel number 911 meaning you can still take control of things as you march towards the future despite everything that surrounds us today.

The Great Conjunction, which happened on December 21st, was the day when Jupiter and Saturn appeared the closest to each other and were the closest observably since 1623. Since The Great Conjunction only happens once every 20 years, its effects will last until 2040 but it’s more likely that we will feel them most strongly towards the beginning of 2021. The Great Conjunction, although a huge astronomical feat, has astrological meaning that can change the heart of any skeptic.

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Jupiter and Saturn, both known as assertive or strong planets, coming this close together creates a shift in energy like no other. As we leave behind Capricorn and move into the age of Aquarius, we will see an era of social change, practical solutions, and a certain free spiritedness that didn’t exist under Capricorn. Aquarius is known as the most intense of the air signs, both for their mysteriousness and idealism. Aquarians believe in creating controversy to benefit the greater good and in 2021, we should expect to see some initial discomfort lead to lasting change. With 2020 marked by indecisiveness and tragedy, we can hope the Aquarius energy in 2021 will direct us to concrete solutions and a social awakening.

The Great Conjunction itself was a great day to manifest and channel energy into new projects or ideas. But, we can expect 2021 to follow in these footsteps. With Jupiter and Saturn both being planets associated with success, 2021 will be the year for professional accomplishments and especially great for starting a project that will have a positive effect on society. Another important note: the isolationist period – both physically and mentally – that many of us have so strongly felt over 2020 will change from 2021 to 2040. Obviously, physically we may be limited as the pandemic persists worldwide, the same barriers to emotional connection that we struggled with during 2020 may become easier to find. Although Aquarius is still a relatively serious sign, the air signs are known for being open-minded and would invite deeper connections. Personally, I think this new era can bring a sense of togetherness back to the world as we hopefully recover from this pandemic in the years to come and begin to focus ourselves on creating a better world.

There can be some apprehension that comes from a shift like this. I know I’m guilty of over-trusting astrology to signify changes in my personal or professional life. So it’s true, we won’t feel these monumental changes all at once. What’s most important is to understand the historical moment we are living through and, no matter what your star sign is, to take advantage of the Aquarius energy when the moment presents itself.

Shrusti Goswami

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Shrusti is a passionate writer and poet. You can often find her drinking a cup of coffee and finding new places to go with her friends and family. After college, it’s her dream to keep traveling the world and bring diverse stories to the big screen.

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