Inside The Hotel In Madrid Where Taylor Swift Stayed During Eras Tour

You know I left a part of me back in Madrid.

The last time the pop giant, Taylor Swift, visited Madrid was exactly 13 years ago, during the promotion of “Speak Now,” so, as expected, the Spanish public was beyond excited upon her arrival.

As we know, Taylor Swift’s more than three-hour long concerts require maximizing resting hours, which is why she always opts for the best hotels in town. For the capital of Spain, she has chosen the Rosewood Villa Magna, one of the most exclusive accommodations in the city and is located close to Santiago Bernabéu, where she performed her concert. It seems that Villa Magna had all the potential to become Swift’s home when she decided to return to Madrid, either to celebrate another great show or to explore everything the city has to offer.

1. Heir to classical Madrid architecture.

Taylor Swift Madrid Rosewood Villa Magna
Photo by Rosewood Villa Magna

The Rosewood Villa Magna first opened its doors in 1972, on the Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid’s main avenue. It is therefore located in the heart of the city, surrounded by top restaurants, vibrant nightlife hotspots, top fashion brands, and the most important historic buildings. Although it has undergone some renovations to modernize certain aspects, the hotel still retains the classic elegance which characterizes it. It was inspired by the Palacio de Anglada, constructed at the end of the 19th century on the exact address where the Villa Magna now stands. Owned by the wealthy Anglada family, the palace and its eclectic style combined among elements of traditional Spanish architecture, are a legacy for Villa Magna. This has allowed it to evolve alongside Madrid, adapting to modern times while maintaining an aura of classic luxury and sophistication.

2. The exclusive Royal Anglada House.

Taylor Swift Madrid Rosewood Villa Magna
Photo by @rosewoodvillamagna Instagram

Precisely, the essence we were talking about is directly reflected in one of the hotel’s suites, the Royal Anglada House, where Taylor Swift stayed to gain total privacy. It is one of the most expensive rooms available at the Rosewood Villa Magna, and it’s no wonder: situated on the top floor of the building, it boasts 260 square meters, capacity for six people, and a huge terrace offering views of all of Madrid. The Royal Anglada House can also be transformed into a penthouse if the guest decides to combine it with the adjacent accommodations. All these luxuries, including butler service and the additional amenities of the hotel, elevate the price of the suite to €25,000 per night.

3. An experience for all senses.

Taylor Swift Madrid Rosewood Villa Magna
Photo by @rosewoodvillamagna Instagram

The culinary excellence of Rosewood Villa Magna is one of the pillars that forges it into the renowned hotel it is today, providing a variety of restaurants and bars suitable for every moment of the day. The Restaurante Amós, run by renowned chef Jesús Sánchez and winner of the 2022 National Gastronomy Prize, is the prime example. It offers a contemporary take on the unparalleled cuisine of northern Spain, especially focusing on fish and seafood, the area’s star products par excellence. Three Michelin stars endorse its quality.

Las Brasas de Castellana, on the other hand, is a brasserie where traditional Spanish cuisine and the use of seasonal ingredients dominate, making it the ideal prelude to Tarde.O. This bar delights with a relaxed atmosphere in which music and the terrace culminate the scene, even featuring DJ sessions on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. But if what you crave the most is a space to take delight in breakfast or an afternoon snack by experts such as pastry chef Emanuel Alvés, then Flor y Nata is the perfect place. Here, guests can have a taste for a unique selection of desserts to experience the sweetest side of Spanish gastronomy, like torrijas, which can be followed by a glass of chilled cava.

4. A place to recharge one’s batteries.

Taylor Swift Madrid Rosewood Villa Magna
Photo by @rosewoodvillamagna Instagram

Perhaps what ultimately convinced Taylor to choose Villa Magna is the wide range of wellness-related services, from spa treatments to yoga and golf experiences. In the facilities, relaxation starts in the hands of the aestheticians, where you can even find rituals with massage techniques aimed at improving hair appearance. On the other hand, the Rosewood Villa Magna pays attention to the physical health of its guests, offering a complete gym, a personal trainer, a private transfer to LaFinca Golf Club, and, to cap the day, access to the VIP Box at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium to enjoy a football match.

5. Home of the most important events.

Taylor Swift Madrid Rosewood Villa Magna
Photo by @rosewoodvillamagna Instagram

The interiors of the Rosewood Villa Magna have hosted a myriad of events, and some of the greatest personalities in the art world walked its halls. The hotel’s patio has been transformed into a dreamlike Japanese-style universe to host Loewe’s capsule collection and has also been home to launches of collections by brands such as Carolina Herrera. In 2019, one of the biggest names in Spanish cinema, Pedro Almodóvar, chose Villa Magna to celebrate the private reception following the premiere of “Dolor y Gloria,” attended by figures like Penélope Cruz, who celebrated her birthday there months later. Additionally, the hotel has been the setting for galas like the UNICEF Charity Gala, raising funds for children’s programs, as well as a multitude of receptions related to other fields.

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