9 Foods To Try In Buenos Aires

Here’s a guide for genius foodies in Buenos Aires. 

I came in blind to the food scene in Buenos Aires. The cuisine is infused with local flavor with a heavy dose of Italian influence to be sure. Here are some of the things you must try:


An Argentine delicacy, these cake-like sandwiches are filled with dulce de leche or jam and then covered in dark or white chocolate. They are most commonly consumed during merienda, Argentine’s afternoon tea hour between 3-6pm. Go here to get a glimpse of the alfajores rumored to be the best.

Photo by Gal Cohen on Unsplash


A delicious, sweeter cousin of the croissant medialunas are eaten around the clock. Panaderias or pastry shops, can be found on nearly every street, so you’re never far from your next medialuna.

Unsplash @sergich

Carne asada (Parrilla):

Known as the city of carne, there’s no question as to why carne asada is a must eat while in Buenos Aires. The best part is it’s often served family style at parrilla restaurants, so sit down and hunker in, a five-course meal is sure to follow.

Unsplash Getúlio Moraes


The Argentina take on hot chocolate. Order a submarino at any café and you will be served a glass of steamed milk and a chocolate bar. Next, submerge your chocolate bar in the milk, hence the name “submarine.” Wait for it the melt then drink up and enjoy!

argentinian hot chocolate
Unsplash Maddi Bazzocco

Dulce de leche:

You can’t do anything in Buenos Aires without being assaulted (in the best way possible) by the ever-ubiquitous dulce de leche. This delicious, caramel like sauce fills every pastry and is stacked rows deep on supermarket shelves.

dulce de leche
Unsplash Bruna Branco


The chicken fried steak of South America. Chicken, fish, or beef, you choose!

Image by RitaE from Pixabay


Essentially a fruit tart, this classic argentine dessert is made with dulce de membrillo (the quince fruit) and often enjoyed with a cafecito during the afternoon.

Unsplash Fran Jacquier


A classic, you can’t walk a block in this city without seeing empanadas. Served in a variety of flavors, like meat, ham and cheese, or vegetarian these small stuffed pastries come baked or fried and are sure to satisfy.

Image by Gabriel Avellaneda from Pixabay


Argentinians are inseparable from their mate, which is enjoyed morning, noon, and night– it’s everywhere! You use a special “mug” filled with loose-leaf yerba (the herbs/tea) and a filtered straw to correctly drink mate. Mate is also the drink shared by friends, so don’t be shy, be sure to share!

Unsplash Lautaro Andreani

And to wash it all down, be sure to try the vino. Hailing from the Mendoza region of Argentina, the wine here is delicious (and cheap!) so grab a bottle of Malbec the next time you’re out and about.

Hailee Donoghue

Hailee loves Argentina. Her travel style consists of flowy pants and don't forget converses. She never travels without her Swiss Army Knife, it's a pair of scissors, a knife and a wine opener. It's essential.

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