Top 5 Creative Ways Of Saving Money For Your Next Trip

It’s all about consolidating your funds.

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Holidays are supposed to be relaxing and a perfect opportunity to visit new places, while spending quality time with your family and friends. However, it is hard to concentrate on things that matter when you are unable to raise sufficient funds to cater for the holiday expenses. And summer is a great time for road trips, much-needed getaways and cruises. With a little creativity, you can consolidate your funds and make your next trip a success!

Here are five creative ways of saving money for your next trip.

1. Consider Carpooling More Often 

Carpooling is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps you save for your next trip. It is one of the best ways to conserve fuel, which means you will be left with some extra cash after accounting for other expenses. If you are serious about saving for your next trip, you have to take carpooling serious.

If you live near your work or college, consider using a bicycle or going on foot instead of going by car. Carpooling has been proven to be one of the best ways of saving a good amount of money, which can add some bucks to your vacation fund kit.

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2. You Can Also Get Paid to Take Your Vacation 

Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, if you are serious about your next trip then you can make it work for you instead of the other way round. Today, some companies will pay people for intrepid adventures for different projects.

There are also various proven ways of making money on your vacation that are available online. You can even get paid to work in a national park or lead whitewater rafting trips if you are an expert. Either way, you will be making money while fulfilling your adventurous desires.

3. Make Your Credit Card Work for You

You should also consider using a credit card that accumulates airline miles for all of your everyday expenses throughout the year. Such credit cards will save you a lot of money you would have otherwise used to book your airplane ticket.

By the time your next trip is around the corner, you could be flying free to your preferred destination. The other ways of earning tons of frequent flier miles include eating out, shopping online and taking surveys. You can also earn credit card sign up bonuses that you can redeem for flight tickets.

4. Open A Dedicated Savings Account 

Opening a dedicated savings account is critical if you are serious about your effort to fund your next trip directly. The cost of setting up such a bank is usually zero and saves you a lot of time. However, before you consider going this route, critically evaluate your financial situation to ensure that you will not be facing any minimum balance penalties when you start spending the money that you will have saved.

Consider having an ATM and online access to the savings account, which will help you withdraw money directly from it when booking your ticket for the next trip. A dedicated savings account restricts you from mingling your regular bank account with the money you have allocated for your trip. The easiest way to know how much you are spending is by tracking the dedicated accounts.

5. Sell Unnecessary Items

Sometimes we tend to own a lot of things that we do not need, especially mobile phones and electronics. You can sell your unwanted stuff as a way of raising money for your next vacation. You can sell that mobile phone that you are not using on sites such as

A simple message such as: selling an Apple-iPhone 7 32 GB, will grab the attention of a potential buyer providing you with the much-needed funds for your trip. If you love to shop anything without considering whether it is useful or not, this is the time to take steps to recover the money that you’ve invested. It is time to get rid of everything in your home that is not in use anymore.

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