How A Jetset Times Writer Hits Her Parisian Stride

Cor Compassion Women’s Travel Clutch/Wallet is made with all vegan materials.

Jetset Times SHOP wallet
Women’s Travel Clutch/Wallet – Cor Compassion, $124. PHOTO HANNA JOBES

Dalai Lama said, “Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” At Jetset Times SHOP, we curate products that are made with care for the environment. Made in Geneva, Switzerland, the Cor Compassion Women’s Travel Clutch/Wallet is a multi-functional accessory that can be used as a clutch or wallet, specially designed to match any style. This unique eco-friendly accessory doubles as a chic clutch and travel wallet, featuring all natural vegan materials, including cork, tencel and organic cotton. Jetset Times writer, Hanna Jobes, lived in Paris for a year. She strutted around City of Lights with this beautifully made accessory. Here’s what she’s said about what Paris has meant to her, and being a Parisian.

Jetset Times SHOP wallet
Wallet designed in Geneva, Switzerland. PHOTO HANNA JOBES

“Since moving to Paris I have yet to run out of incredible events, attractions, restaurants and shops to visit and explore. However, even living in one of the worldʼs most exciting and intoxicating cities canʼt kill (most) travelerʼs “need to get away” instinct. Itʼs vital to change up your scenery and not become stuck in a monotonous pattern, wherever you are in the world.”

Jetset Times SHOP wallet
A multi-functional accessory. PHOTO HANNA JOBES

“Itʼs been a huge, life altering decision [moving to Paris] and while this is an overwhelmingly exciting time in my life, this decision has opened my eyes dramatically to the huge elephant in the room: fear.”

Jetset Times SHOP wallet
Clutch made with cork, tencel and organic cotton. PHOTO HANNA JOBES

Hanna Jobes


Hanna's a flight attendant, and her travel style is adventurous, spontaneous and always educating herself with an open mind. She can never travel without her journal and a camera.

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