Road To 50 Part 25: Vermont

Home to lush green mountains, charming towns, and maple syrup, Vermont is delightful.

Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks
FACEBOOK Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

Vermont, a sparsely populated state in New England that contains ragged mountains and pure green forests. The only landlocked state in the region still makes a compelling case for the most scenic. My family and I spent some time exploring Vermont, and we saved this state for the last in our New England trip. Here’s what I liked:

Lush Green Mountains/ Hills

We traversed Vermont from its southernmost point to almost all the way up north, the drives via Interstate 89 and 91 were picturesque. There were large, sharp rocks on the side and numerous climbs and falls on the road, but this route also provided views of Vermont’s verdant hills in the distance.

Vermont Tourism
FACEBOOK Vermont Tourism


This college town got quite a bit of a tourist traffic even in July. We saw the University of Vermont campus, which was unsurprisingly quiet. But the nightlife here was what captivated me. Burlington’s small-town culture was on full display as my family parked near downtown and walked towards Lake Champlain, a lake separating Vermont from New York, where Burlington was situated. There was a concert going on and concertgoers occupied the district of downtown near where we want, jamming along to the music. In my mind, I could see tunes from musicians floating into the air, then vanishing without notice.

Burlington’s atmosphere was vibrant on a booming midsummer night in Vermont. The lake and the sunset over the water was astonishing, as it gave the water an orange hue. I could also see a string of brown mountains on the other side, in New York. It was a dazzling view of nature’s best sights. Near the shopping district, there was street music, ice cream stands, lights hanging above walkways.

Food Tours

Ben & Jerry's
FACEBOOK Ben & Jerry’s

At the Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory,we saw firsthand how sweet treats were made. The place was tiny yet packed a punch in producing fine, mouthwatering chocolate. We left with some as a souvenir, since it’s hard to imagine a better gift. We also toured Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Waterbury, Vermont. It was astonishing to witness this gigantic factory in addition to machines and equipment that are needed to make a popular dessert. In retrospect, what was so mind-boggling to me was the sheer amount of hard work needed to make a simple, sweet treat. Samples of different ice creams were offered, meanwhile we decided to bring home fresh Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at a booth right outside of the factory as a remembrance of the visit.

Finally, Vermont is known for maple syrup, so we stopped in capitol city Montpelier to get some. A quaint New England town, Montpelier is where we got maple syrup from Morse Farm, a petite and off-the-beaten path house outside of the city. Beware, Morse Farm provided fresh, homegrown yet very sticky maple syrup. It’s delectable, its sweetness showed the passion put behind the production.

Vermont Tourism
FACEBOOK Vermont Tourism

Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe Mountain Resort is a ski resort near Burlington in the remote Mt. Mansfield State Forest. Walking through the resort is like walking through a ski town in Colorado in winter. Walking inside dark wood buildings made it seem like a cabin you would stay overnight, during wintertime while sipping on hot chocolate.

Of course, we had no intentions of skiing in mid-July, so we decided to take the Gondola SkyRide to the top of the mountain. This was a modern tram that made a steep incline up the mountain. The way down was more nerve-wracking, as I felt I was about to fall rather than descend in a straight manner. At the top, there was a jaw-dropping view of green hills while the ski resort appeared like a toy set sitting near a lake. This was the perfect vista to cap off Vermont.

Stowe Mountain Resort
FACEBOOK Stowe Mountain Resort

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