World’s Best Destinations To See Flowers In Full Bloom

Flowers are perhaps the most fascinating thing in spring.

Flowers in Lisse, Netherlands
Lisse, Netherlands. UNSPLASH M Ashraful Alam

They cover most parts of the world, and their irresistible appearance and scent will leave you asking for more. Are you seeking the best places to see flowers in full bloom? Whether you adore the vibrant tulips or delicate orchids, your choices are endless. You can see these and more in most destinations.

Check out the leading destinations for blooms:

1. Lisse, Netherlands

The Lisse garden tops the list of the world’s most extensive flower gardens. The flowers peak in April and May. Spring is the best season to stroll around and enjoy the colorful countryside.

During this time, most tourists plan road trips through the Netherlands to watch the beautiful tulip blooms. But, if you are somewhere in Sydney and not planning to tour at this time, you can still enjoy lovely flowers in your home. How is this possible? Shops like Pearsons Florist can deliver gorgeous flowers straight to your doorstep. You can also choose from the wide variety of flowering plants that you can grow indoors.

2. Carmona, Spain

Carmona is famous for its impressive cathedrals, churches and many other tourist attractions. That’s not all, though! The beautiful flowers on the streets will make your day worthwhile. Can I tell you about Carmona? It’s an old town in mainland Europe with miles of sunflower fields covering several hectares of land. The best time to see the blooms full of life is in May and June.

3. Pretoria

Pretoria is renowned for the purple-flowered jacaranda trees. Although these trees are Brazillian native, they are common in South Africa’s landscape, which boasts impressive views. Thousands of Jacaranda trees line most streets, and many call it the “Jacaranda City.”

The blooming seasons begin from late September and lasts up to mid-November. October is the prime time for the Jacaranda blooms and is the best time to tour. The best streets to see the purple blossoms are:

  • Bosman Street in Pretoria Central
  • Pienaar Street
  • Murray Street
  • Marais Street
  • Herbert Baker Street
  • Celliers Street in Sunnyside

4. Antelope Valley, California

Do you love wildflowers? Tour the Antelope Valley in California and watch the colorful free-spirited blooms in yellow and orange colors. Along the walking trails of Antelope valley, the flowers are so prolific that early Spanish settlers named the place “The Land of fire.”

5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is famous for its wide variety of flowers; these include the Asagao, Ajisai, Kikyo, Shobu and more. However, the cherry blossoms in Japan are worth mentioning, and nothing beats their magnificent view. Suppose you want to watch the flowers bloom, tour between late march and Mid April. You’ll be surprised to see both locals and tourists taking time to pause under the glorious flower carpet. For instance, the Hibiya Park is a great spot to watch beautiful cherry blossoms from over 40 cherry trees.

6. Sahara Desert, Morocco

If you’re seeking the best spot to watch beautiful blossoms, plan a trip to the Sahara desert, and watch flowers emerge from the sand. Quite an incredible experience? The common colorful flowers are the Alssums, irises, and the Isatis. You’ll also spot the fleshy euphorbias towards the southwest of the Sahara desert that grows as big trees.

7. Central Nepal

Nepal boasts of over 6,000 species of flowering plants. Brassica, Citrus, Rubus and Bombax are some of the famous plants that bloom in the spring. The natural vegetation in the city follows the altitude and climate. To watch the beautiful blooms tour in March or April and see the forest bloom along the mountainside.

8. Glacier Park, Montana

Glacier national park in Montana is a great spot to watch the natural beauty of botanical gardens. You can see vibrant wildflowers from mid-June to mid-July in the parks alpine meadows. The bloom begins with the wild prairie flowers near the roadways and progresses to higher grounds throughout the season.

9. Washington DC

Washington DC is the best spot to watch cherries in full bloom. The best time to tour is during the peak bloom, lasting for up to ten days. You can also plan to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival, but the timings vary each year. Nonetheless, late March to May is a perfect time to watch a variety of flowering plants in the city.

Flowers bring a lot of beauty into our lives and watching the beautiful blooms can be fun and fulfilling. If you’re seeking the best places to watch gorgeous blooms, consider the destinations mentioned above. Moreover, plan a family tour and enjoy taking photos as you appreciate the beautiful scenery that comes with beautiful flowers.

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