Why You Should Do Water Sports While Finding Paradise At Lake Arenal In Costa Rica

Watersports are becoming increasingly popular not only with those of us seeking some additional adrenaline – but for those of us searching for a little calm. 

Why You Should Do Water Sports While Finding Paradise at Lake Arenal in Costa Rica
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There are so many destinations to choose from, it can be a little difficult deciding on which one is right for you.  Here, we discuss one place in particular!  Lake Arenal in Costa Rica may be just the place for you to find paradise and have some fun!

It’s Next to a Volcano!

It’s next to a volcano, need we say more! How great is that for a destination? Imagine exploring the ocean as the sun is setting with this unique scenery in the background.  Not only is there an active volcano – there are so many other things to enjoy.  You will find all kinds of rare animals such as monkeys and birds – making your experience much more magical.

There are Great Watersports Companies to Help you on your Way

There are fantastic businesses such as Volcano Watersports (volcano.cr) out there that are there to make fantastic water sports experiences for you.  Their experienced instructors will be able to help you with any watersports requirements you may have and can even personalize things on the occasion and can help with a wide array of watersports. The good thing is that you can also rent the equipment from them – so you don’t need to worry about purchasing/renting in advance.

It’s Fairly Central to Other Locations

The great thing about Lake Arenal is that although you can enjoy the peace, calm and remoteness – it’s also fairly central to other locations that you can get to quickly.  La Fortuna for example is the nearest busy town, and there you can look forward to lots more restaurants and some entertainment.  El Castillo, which is just 5 minutes away from Lake Arenal – has some great nature trails, hot springs, a water park and is very picturesque.

You can Create Great Memories

It could be that watersports is a passion of yours, and as Costa RIca is one of the most popular destinations in the world for this, you will no doubt want to make it count.  There are options where you can hire out a boat, take it to see and ask for your favorite foods and drinks to be there for your special day. This would also give you the opportunity to try out some of the local food which is usually cooked from scratch, using the freshest ingredients if you’d prefer. You could be enjoying a romantic getaway, a trip away with family or friends, or – you just really want to have a great time enjoying the watersports.  Whatever it may be, it will be great memories.

If you were still undecided about where you may go for your watersports adventure, then hopefully Lake Arenal in Costa Rica is now reaching the top of your list.

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